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Walk Inside This Ancient Greek Temple For The First Time Ever Thanks To Dolce & Gabbana

Walk Inside This Ancient Greek Temple For The First Time Ever Thanks To Dolce & Gabbana

You Can Explore Sicily's Temple Of Concordia Thanks To Dolce & Gabbana

Sicily‘s Temple of Concordia is one of the island’s most popular attractions, but visitors have to content themselves with appreciating the ancient temple from a distance. But now, thanks to a Dolce & Gabbana campaign, the temple is open to the public for a limited time.

The Temple of Concordia in Italy is one of the best-preserved ancient Greek temples outside of Greece. It’s stood since 430BCE, but at the cost of being closed off to visitors. It was built on top of a layer of soft clay that absorbs the shock of otherwise-damaging impact, but the site is still too fragile to have people walking through it.


But earlier this month, Dolce & Gabbana brought its Alta Moda 2019 collection to the temple. The fashion house built a specialty runway through the temple, and the new floor is protecting the site while letting people walk through it.


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It made for a stunning runway for the collection that’s inspired by ancient Greek and Roman looks, with Dolce & Gabbana telling Architectural Digest that the temple is “one of the finest artistic expressions that the ancient Greeks have handed down to us.”

You can see the Temple of Concordia in action at the Alta Moda fashion show below:

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But it’s even better news for tourists – Dolce & Gabbana are leaving the floor in place for the rest of the summer. Now visitors who get in quick can score a once-in-a-lifetime experience of the Temple of Concordia.

Italy’s summer runs through to August, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to step inside the ancient temple. After that, and you’ll have to look on from the outside again.

If you’re already planning a Euro summer adventure right this second, make sure you pack appropriately.

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(Lead image: Dolce & Gabbana)

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