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These Will Be 2021’s Biggest Home Decor And Style Trends, According To Pinterest

These Will Be 2021’s Biggest Home Decor And Style Trends, According To Pinterest

You’ll usually pin something on Pinterest long before you’re ready to execute the vision. This is precisely why Pinterest Predicts, the platform’s annual trend forecast, is pretty damn reliable. In fact, eight out of 10 of Pinterest’s predictions for 2020 came true – despite it being the least predictable year in recent history. Now, they’ve released 2021’s big trends.

“More than 400 million people use Pinterest to find tomorrow’s ideas. It’s a place to look forwards,” says Pinterest Chief Marketing Office, Andréa Mallard. “That means that we know what’s going to be big in the future, even when it seems really small in the present.”

The report for 2021 is a swirl of trends borne out of the introspection, awareness and forced behavioural change thrust upon us in 2020.

“Expect routines to be remixed. Expect regular to be reinvented. 2021 will be a rebirth, not a reset,” says Mallard.

Scroll down for a snapshot of Pinterest’s 2021 trend predictions and read the full report here.

Interiors: vibey mood lighting, minimal aesthetics, curated shelves and closed spaces


Gen Z led the charge on this one (you’ve seen the neon galaxy ceilings on TikTok), but we have all officially embraced the LED.

“Neon rooms will get the spotlight treatment – especially from Gen Z. Pinners will reinvent their bedrooms with bright, colour-drenched lighting for amazingly atmospheric looks,” explains Pinterest.

Trending search terms:

  • Neon room +8x
  • Mirror with LED lights +2x
  • Blue LED lights bedroom 155%
  • LED light room and LED light signs +3x

Pinners have been keen on ‘Japandi’ – a mix of Scandianvian and Japanese design influences with sleek lines, neutral colour schemes and calming setups. It’s our new understanding of minimalism.

We can also kiss our love for open floor plans goodbye, which is probably a result of more people sharing family homes than usual due to the pandemic. Everyone wants some personal space.

“Pinners are getting creative with closed doors. In 2021, we’ll all learn what a ‘cloffice’ is. Even when doors aren’t available, people will find new ways to create some personal space,” says Pinterest.

#shelfies  – perfectly curated shelves – have also spiked. In fact, Pinterest predicts that kitchen shelves will be the new gallery walls.

Trending search terms:

  • Cloffice ideas +2x
  • Bookshelf room divider +150%
  • Japandi +100%
  • Wooden bed design modern +5x
  • Neutral color palette earth tones +3x
  • Minimalist bathroom design 4x
  • Modern minimalist kitchen +115%

Beauty: skinimalist on the one hand, bold on the other

Pinners are so done with caked-on makeup looks – next year is all about ‘skinimalism’. Clean beauty and simplifying routines is a go.

“Pinners will embrace slow beauty and let their natural skin texture shine through. This new ‘effortlessly chic’ routine is simple and sustainable,” says Pinterest.

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Trending search terms:

  • Glowing skin how to get naturally +4x
  • Face yoga exercises +4x
  • Homemade skin care +110%
  • Aloe vera face mask +115%
  • Natural everyday makeup +180%

At the same time, searches for ‘indie makeup’ were also up five fold, and were huge with Gen Zers, so expect bold brows (including ‘rainbrows’) and statement colours with a little whimsy.

“Their version is defined by bold-coloured crop tops, baggy jeans and emoji-inspired make-up and nails. When it comes to beauty, 2021 will be about feelin’ cute.”

Fashion: elegant athleisure

If there was one trend that embraced our divided 2020 selves, it’d be athflow. We now have a category of clothing as equally dedicated to couch time as it is zoom meetings or casual offices. No more tight waistbands, thanks.

“When athleisure meets elegance – that’s athflow. Flowy trousers, casual jumpsuits and oversized outfits will replace athletic clothes as the new go-to loungewear. Athflow is professional enough for the ‘office’, stretchy enough for the yoga mat and comfy enough for the sofa,” explains Pinterest.

Personalising your own clothes is also set to be a 2021 trend.

Trending search terms:

  • Home dress women +2x
  • Oversized outfit +3x
  • Soft outfits +185%
  • Cotton jumpsuits for women +160%
  • Co-ord outfits two pieces +30%
  • Reworked clothes +6x
  • Sweatshirt embroidery +7x

(Lead Image: Provided / Pinterest)

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