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Be The Hero Of Your Own Thriller At This ‘Shutter Island’ Immersive Cinema Experience

Be The Hero Of Your Own Thriller At This ‘Shutter Island’ Immersive Cinema Experience

An Immersive Shutter Island Experience Is Coming To Q-Station

Sydney has no shortage of immersive cinema experiences. But most of them are cutesy, sweet affairs. Which is fine for the first handful, but after a while you start wanting something a bit more interesting to do with your evenings. Oh boy, do we have news for you.

Beyond Cinema, the production company that blurs the boundaries between film and reality, is putting their magic touch on Shutter Island, bringing an immersive cinematic experience of the thriller to the spooky and definitely haunted Manly Q Station.


Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island is one of those rare cinematic epics that’s just as well-known by cinephiles as it is heathens who only watch Star Wars on repeat (hello). If you’ve ever wanted to unravel a mystery like Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo (hello) but don’t want to actually lock yourself in an asylum, The Shutter Island Experience is for you.

You’ll start your adventure aboard a ferry from Circular Quay. When you arrive at Q-Station (masterfully transformed into Ashecliff Hospital, 1954) it’ll be your responsibility to help US Marshalls Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule uncover the mystery of a missing patient.

Crafted by the extremely talented Beyond Cinema producers, set designers and actors, The Shutter Island Experience is a full-fledged story for you to unravel, and once you’ve solved the mystery you’ll get to kick back with a special screening of the movie.

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There are three sessions planned for November 17 at 3pm, 4.30pm and 6pm. Tickets for all three time slots are on sale now, with prices starting at $94.49. There are limited tickets, so RUN! (I’m told that’s a reference to the movie but like I said, I don’t care for film, may the Force be with you.)

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(Lead image: Shutter Island / Paramount Pictures)

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