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Taste The Rainbow At The World’s First Pantone Cafe

Taste The Rainbow At The World’s First Pantone Cafe

Your prayers for the most perfect and colour-coordinated foodstagram have been answered. Sitting on the Grimaldi Forum waterfront in Monaco is the Pantone cafe, a pop-up restaurant where every single item is colour-coded with a Pantone colour chip.


The Pantone café is just another venture to extend the Pantone Universe to even more colourful products – currently there’s coffee mugs, kitchenware, sneakers, stationary and even a hotel in Brussels that all lend themselves to Lawrence Herbert’s iconic colour-matching system.

Every item sold at the beach front cafe has a corresponding Pantone colour code, listed alongside the food. This even extends to the restaurant’s napkins, tables, chairs and coffee makers.


You can grab a scoop of Mango 17-1446 ice cream or a Strawberry Pink 16-1731 éclair, before washing your snack down with a glass of Vibrant Orange 16-364 juice.


You won’t even find pictures on this aesthetically pleasing menu – just a colour swatch to match the particular item.

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Colour nerds unite! The Pantone cafe is open until September 9.

(All images: Pantone Café)

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