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One Of The Best High Teas In Sydney Just Happens To Be Vegan, And Now You Can Take It Home

One Of The Best High Teas In Sydney Just Happens To Be Vegan, And Now You Can Take It Home

I bloody love high tea. The small portions, the fancy crockery, the excuse to drink fancy alcohol before lunchtime: all of it is perfection.

The only thing I sometimes wish I could do is to have someone prepare a high tea for me that I can take on a picnic so I can look like an Insta influencer, or back to home so I can be cosy and drink more mimosas than is appropriate before 5pm in public. Alibi Bar & Restaurant must be genies because they’ve granted my wish.


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Already leaders for their in-house, all-vegan high tea, every Saturday and Sunday from midday Alibi are now packing up a takeaway version that people who have booked ahead can take home with them.

This is exactly what I did last weekend on a ridiculously cold day when all I wanted was to grab some good food and enjoy it with the warmth of my fluffiest jimjams and heater. I was not disappointed.

My favourites were the adorably petite Pulled ‘duck’ pancake and the strawberry tomato compote (which tasted a lot more strawberry and less compote). To be honest, the scone was also my favourite, but you can’t really screw up a scone. And no, you really can’t taste the difference between this vegan version and a regular scone. The full selection is below:

Sweet selection:

  • Strawberry tomato compote with basil cream and valrhona raspberry chocolate
  • Mango cheesecake with caramelised pineapple and mango sponge
  • Hazelnut praline sponge with chocolate glaze and hazelnut cream
  • Blueberry cashew meringue with kalamansi curd
  • Vegan scones with jam and ‘cream’

Savoury selection:

  • Bagel with cashew cream cheese, pickled smoked carrot, capers and Spanish onion
  • Pea and coriander tart with crumbled marinated ‘feta’ cheese
  • Pulled ‘duck’ (jackfruit) pancake with hoisin, cucumber and shallot
  • Corn custard with paprika sorghum and watercress
  • Sweet potato and olive savoury scones
  • Dip, olives and corn chips

Just by the way, if you ever happened to want to eat in, Alibi is inside the very funky Ovovlo Woollomoloo and looks like this:

Obviously, it’s gorgeous and worth a visit. However, I thoroughly recommend you impress your mates and pre-book your high tea via the Alibi website ASAP. You’ll thank me later.

(Lead image: provided / Alibi Kitchen & Bar)

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