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Stop Everything, A Gelato Museum Exists In Italy

Stop Everything, A Gelato Museum Exists In Italy

You know, there’s something to be said about the world these days when a museum devoted entirely to gelato doesn’t become front page news.


The Gelato Museum in Carpigiani bares a slight resemblance to the iconic Wonka Factory, but instead of Oompa Loompas, there’s a bunch of smart-as-a-whip gelato connoisseurs ready to answer any and all your questions about the marvellous world of gelato. Like, did you know that “gelato” isn’t just the Italian word for “ice cream”? The consistencies of the two treats vary quite a bit, with gelato having more milk and less cream and eggs than ice cream. The more you know, hey?


You’ll learn all of this and more as you wander around the hallowed halls of the Gelato Museum where you can dive into the history, culture and technology of artisan gelato.

There’s a bunch of historical images and tools of the trade from centuries-past and there is, of course, a bunch of fresh gelato flavours to try at their very own gelato shop. There’s really no shame in going back for seconds (or thirds or fourths).


Ever thought about turning your love of gelato into a career? The Carpigiano Gelato University is the place. As their website states, the university is a “cultural project to support the development of ice cream parlours in the world and spread education on the pleasure and taste of Italian ice cream.” They’re spot on there – the training facility offers budding chefs craftsman-like traineeships on not only making gelato, but also guidance on opening their own gelato stores.

There’s classroom courses, online courses, travelling courses and customised shorter courses for the visiting customer (yessss!). The classes are held in a variety of languages to suit the participants and you’ll be taught the art of gelato by internationally renowned experts.

You even get a degree to take home with you!!!

That’s reason enough to get on a plane over to Italy.

(Images: Gelato Museum and Gelato Museum/Facebook)

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