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Spotlight Are Slinging Their 10L Air Fryer For Just $99 Right Now

Spotlight Are Slinging Their 10L Air Fryer For Just $99 Right Now

Ok stop everything you’re doing. I’m not even kidding. Because Spotlight are having a MASSIVE sale on their air fryer tomorrow and you simply must pay attention.

From tomorrow (August 20) Spotlight will be discounting their huge 10L, 1800W Living Essentials By Mistral Le Digital Air Cooker from the usual $200, to the outrageously decent $99.

Ok I know I just turned 30, because I am literally fan-girling over the fact that it also functions as a rotisserie oven and food dehydrator. Dried mango anybody?

Of course, I haven’t made a secret of my love for air fryers. I mean, you can make air fryed Caramello Koalas and Freddo Frogs. And Cob Loaf Dips. AND it’s even cheaper than that ALDI one. Plus just think of all the Facebook groups you can join, dedicated to the discussion of air fryers and their recipes.

See? Delightful. Image by me.

I have no idea what time the sales start as Spotlight are keeping that a little hush hush. Personally, I’ll be refreshing the page every five minutes from the second I wake up.

The sale lasts in stores and online until September 6, or until stocks last. I may be blinded by my personal passion for air fryers but that surely can’t be long.

Seriously, I was SO close to not even writing this because I don’t want more people to know and sell out the air fryers before I get one.

If you get one tomorrow after reading this article, and I don’t, I simply demand that you share it with me.

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If you’re going for the full kitchen overhaul, then you should know they’ll also be selling a very pretty four-slice toaster and a matching electric kettle for $50 each (I know what you’re thinking, but just take a look, they’re WAY nicer than those Kmart ones) which means you’re saving $50 and $40 respectively.

Image: Provided / Spotlight

Otherwise you can do like I do and just get distracted by all the cross stitch patterns, it is Spotlight after all. Aka, heaven.

(Lead Image: Provided / Spotlight)


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