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Bangkok Just Debuted Soy Sauce Ice Cream And Our Tastebuds Are Confused

Bangkok Just Debuted Soy Sauce Ice Cream And Our Tastebuds Are Confused

soy sauce ice cream

We had no qualms when Florida brewers decided that Krispy Kreme beer was a totally fine concoction. And we didn’t even protest when NYC made spaghetti doughnuts a thing. But, in the latest instalment of Humans Messing with Perfectly Good Foods, Bangkok vendors are dishing out soy sauce ice cream and, honestly, we don’t know how to feel.

The curious creation is the brainchild of Thai sauce and seasoning brand, Deksomboon. Black soy sauce is combined with ice cream to craft a savoury-yet-sweet flavour combo that’s been likened to salted caramel.

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Although we’re a little hesitant, some people swear by it. Bangkok resident Cake Tuangporn visited the Deksomboon showroom to try it for herself, telling Lonely Planet it’s a must-try, especially if you’re particularly fond of soy sauce or are just looking for an interesting new flavour.

“Having only the ice cream was good, but if you want to enhance the flavour, you also have the actual black soy sauce that you can put on as a topping,” Tuangporn said.

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Deksomboon stores dishing out soy sauce soft serve are popping up in Bangkok’s Chinatown district, so keep your eyes peeled next time you’re in the area. If you’re not entirely keen on the idea of soy saucing-up your soft serve, there are safer options to choose from, like light plum sauce sorbet or a sweet plum slushie.

But if salty desserts are your thing, stay tuned, because more sauce-based flavours are rumoured to be released soon. Fish sauce sundae, anyone?

(Lead image: Deksomboon Fan Page / Facebook)

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