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Some Genius Invented A Hammock That Floats On Water

Some Genius Invented A Hammock That Floats On Water

All hail this new water wonder, the Hammocraft.

Firstly, no, a Hammocraft isn’t a Jon Hamm themed aircraft (if only). It’s actually something so cool, you’ll be begging Santa for one come Christmas time.


The Hammocraft brings a paddleboard, a hammock and some sneakily crafted framework together to create the ultimate on-water relaxation station.


Life’s greatest struggle is not being able to properly chillax above water. On a paddleboard you’ve got to stand or precariously balance yourself while seated. And floaties almost always end with you bottoms up underwater.

But thanks to the Hammocraft you can have your cake and relax with it too – this handy accessory allows you to hammock your way down a river or across a lake with style and ease.


Handcrafted in the US, Hammocrafts are made from a lightweight aluminium frame that sits atop two paddleboards. The frame holds up to five hammocks and can be assembled with quick push-button connectors.

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Abel Tasman, New Zealand

It’s like that hot tub hammock, only infinitely cooler.


You can grab a Hammocraft here for $1000USD (about $1356AUD), though hammocks and rafts are not included.

(Images: Hammocraft)

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