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Some Hero Has Mashed Up A Hot-Tub And A Hammock

Some Hero Has Mashed Up A Hot-Tub And A Hammock

Relaxation just got turned up to 11 with a brand new hammock and hot tub hybrid: the Hydro Hammock. You too could soon be sitting effervescently in the wilderness, soaking your body while being suspended in mid air.


As well as the rejuvenation provided by a traditional hot tub, the portable Hydro Hammock gives you the added convenience of being able to set your spa up wherever you see fit.


It can support the weight of two adults and holds up to 190 litres of water, but you’ll really only need 75 litres for a good soak.


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The Hydro Hammock is still in the early stages of production and the creators have set up a Kickstarter to get this dream travel accessory off the ground (literally). They won’t come cheap though, with a basic Hydro Hammock setting you back $480, plus an additional $1950 for a portable water heater. Still, the benefit of being able to BYO hot tub is that you’ll be the most popular person around in winter, and you can’t put a price on that.

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