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The World’s Largest Hammock Is In A Colombian Hostel

The World’s Largest Hammock Is In A Colombian Hostel

One of the nicest things about travelling when you’re young is how communal everything is. From your sleeping quarters to your eateries, feeling lonely isn’t usually a problem during treks around the Americas. So, how does everyone feel about a giant communal hammock overlooking the mountains of Sierra Nevada?

The hammock and hostel it’s associated with, Casa Elemento, are located in Colombia in a mountain town within the Sierra Nevada called Minca, which is famous for its coffee, cool temperatures and friendly atmosphere.


The hostel also organises tours and activities in the area including abseiling down a waterfall, rock climbing, hiking and even donkey hire. It’s fully equipped with a pool and bar too, should you get parched from all of your hanging out.


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To stay in the standard six-person dorm it’s around $23AUD per night and you can book here.

(Lead photo: Casa Elemento/Facebook)

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