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We Regret To Inform You That A Russian Woman Accidentally Swallowed A 1.2M Snake

We Regret To Inform You That A Russian Woman Accidentally Swallowed A 1.2M Snake

We’re no strangers to weird snake stories in Australia. There’s the poor tradie who did battle while driving with a Brown Snake that popped out of his gear box. There’s giant snakes being found hibernating behind fridges every other day. Hell, I even got head-butted (yes, head-butted) by a Coastal Taipan that could have killed me within half an hour on a casual bush walk just three weeks ago.

In all my 30 years of casual snake encounters and stories, however, never — NEVER — have I heard something as completely horrific as the young Russian woman from Levashi village in Dagestan who swallowed a snake in her sleep.


I warn you now, I’ll include the video at the end but it is RANK. But also I couldn’t not watch it, because we humans are a messed up bunch.

For those skipping the graphics, the young woman went to hospital as she was feeling a tad unwell. They medical staff put her under a general anaesthetic (thank god) then stick some sort of tube down her throat to check out what was going on. As it turns out, what was going on was a 1.2 metre snake. It’s not totally clear if it’s still alive or not.


Reportedly, they’re suspecting that the snake slithered on in while the woman was taking a nap in the great outdoors. I’ve lived in constant fear of spiders crawling in my mouth while I sleep thanks to that Aussie rumour that everyone will eat eight spiders in their lifetime. I had NO IDEA I had to put snakes in that category too.

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Now, you’d have to image that trained medical staff in a hospital have seen some shit. So I know I’m not overreacting to how disgusting this is because they literally scream and jump back from the snake as soon as they work out what it is and how long it is.

For your viewing horror and future nightmares, here’s the video:

(Lead Image: YouTube / 3w-News)

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