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10 Places Around Australia That’ll Ease The Pain Of Your Cancelled Euro Trip

10 Places Around Australia That’ll Ease The Pain Of Your Cancelled Euro Trip

By now, your 2020 Euro Trip plans are dead in the water, and frankly who knows if they’ll be revived for 2021 (sorry). Luckily, we live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world (I’m not biased, YOU’RE biased) and we have some pretty epic alternatives.

Don’t believe me? Get a load of the famous tourist spots overseas and the ridiculously good swaps we have right here. I’ve also snuck in a few UK ones too, because we all know we visit them at the same time.

#1 Torrevieja, Spain For Kati Thanda (Lake Eyre), SA

Image: Kati Thanda (Unsplash) / Torrevieja (Provided)

If you love a little dramatic pink action and warm climates with your waterside vacay, then forget about Spain (for now) and get to Kati Thanda in South Australia immediately.

#2 Greek Islands For The Whitsundays, QLD

Image: Greek Islands (Unsplash) / The Whitsundays (Unsplash)

Brilliant white sand, crystal clear blue water — sounds like both the Greek Islands and anywhere in the Whitsundays to me. You can find some beachside inspo here.

#3 French Wineries For The Hunter Valley, NSW

Image: Occitanie, France (Unsplash) / The Hunter Valley (Unsplash)

If there’s one thing that may possibly soothe the shitshow that is 2020, it’s good wine and a cheese plate. France may be famous for it, but the Hunter Valley still gives you those sweeping views and award-winning grape juice right in your backyard.

#4 Sardinia, Italy For Vivonne Bay, SA

Image: Sardinia (Pexels) /Vivonne Bay (Provided by South Australia Tourism)

Sardinia is known for clean, clear waters and white sand beaches, but Vivonne Bay on Kangaroo Island in South Australia serves up all the same blue water, secluded beach vibe realness.

#5 Northern Lights For The Aurora Australis, TAS

Image: Northern Lights (Unsplash) / Aurora Australis (Unsplash)

As someone who has been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights (albeit a subtle one), they live up the hype. However, Australia has its own, almost identical natural light show and Tassie is the best place to spot it.

#6 Spanish Castles For Paronella Park, QLD

Image: DAlcazar de Sevilla (Unsplash) / Paronella Park (Instagram / @damselintransit)

Spain particularly serves up the regal goods, but we won’t be getting there this year. Instead, plan a trip to the heritage-listed Paronella Park in Cairns, where Catalonian José Paronella built a castle amongst the rainforest in 1937.

#7 Cappadocia, Turkey For Coober Pedy, SA

Image: Cappadocia (Unsplash) /Coober Pedy (Instagram /@susiereynolds66)

Cappadocia has a very distinct landscape with white cone-shaped rock formations and a billion hot air balloons floating over the top. Have you ever checked out the famous underground opal town of Coober Pedy though? No balloons, but the white-tinged desert landscape is a go.

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#8 Grindelwald, Switzerland For Grindelwald, TAS

Image: Grindelwald, Switzerland (Unsplash) /Grindelwald, TAS (Instagram /@hsiaoada)

It’s extremely random, but this little town in Tasmania was actually designed in the Swiss village style by a Dutch immigrant who moved there. It’s the closest thing to Switzerland existing in Australia, so why the hell not.

#9 English Countryside For Leura, NSW

Image: North Yorkshire (Unsplash) /Blue Mountains (Unsplash)

Oh, you were hoping for quaint small towns and open farmland this summer? England is off the cards, but it doesn’t get more charming than the Blue Mountains, and my personal favourite town, Leura.

#10 Northern Ireland’s coastline for Cape Hauy, TAS

Image: Donegal (Unsplash) /Cape Hauy (Instagram /@aaronchingaling)

The dramatic cliff edges and rolling ocean of Donegal make a pretty fair comparison to Cape Hauy in Tasmania. You can follow the four-hour walking track all the way along, and I’m sure you could find a pub with Guinness to really replace the Irish vibes.

(Lead Image:Northern Lights (Unsplash) / Aurora Australis (Unsplash))

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