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Sick Of Packing? A New Startup Will Do It For You

Sick Of Packing? A New Startup Will Do It For You

Hate packing? Us too. Even if you’re super prepared and begin packing the moment you book your flights, there’s still the chance you might forget something important – toothpaste in the Andes? Bikini in Santorini? What a nightmare! If the fear of overlooking something regularly keeps you up the night before your trip, we might have the solution for you: just don’t pack. Don’t do it and all your woes will be solved – seriously.


No, we’re not crazy, we’re actually talking about unPack – a new travel company that packs a suitcase for you and delivers it to your destination. A suitcase filled with all of your basic travel necessities – anything from clothes to toiletries and accessories and chargers – will arrive at your hotel or Airbnb when you check-in, so there’s effectively no need to pack anymore.

Talk about convenience – you won’t have to worry about checked baggage so walking through the airport will be a breeze, and you’ll feel safe knowing that everything you need for your trip will be waiting and ready for you at your destination. UnPack specialises in providing seasonal accessories to travellers who might not have the room for a down jacket or umbrella in their carry-on. Each suitcase is curated by season and by destination so you won’t be stuck with a skivvy in the middle of the desert.


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UnPack’s “Companion Winter Pack”, for example, includes a warm down jacket, a lighter zip up jacket, a beanie, umbrella, scarf, gloves and toiletries for the duration of your stay. The company promises “premium” quality clothing, all of which you are effectively renting during your holiday – you even have the option of buying the items to keep if you like them. There’s also options for people who really don’t want to pack at all – pants, shirts, workout gear, and even a Wi-Fi hotspot. It’s all remarkably convenient, and would definitely save you a whole lot of time and hassle when it comes to preparing for a brutal NYC winter.

Still in the early stages of development, unPack is currently only offered in New York City, but the company is hoping to expand to other major cities in the US. If this means we never have to pack a suitcase again, we can definitely get on board with that.

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