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Wish You Were Here: Adler Mountain Lodge, Italy

Wish You Were Here: Adler Mountain Lodge, Italy

Sometimes it takes time to achieve perfection – at the Adler Mountain Lodge, over ten years of workmanship culminated in this small slice of (wintery) paradise.


Found in the heart of the Dolomites, the ancient mountain range in north-east Italy that just so happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage site, Adler isn’t your average ski lodge.

For one, these cosy digs were made using centuries-old woodworking techniques of the Dolomites, so each of the 18 wooden cabins have this natural vibe that blends nicely with its surrounds. Secondly, this isn’t just a winter retreat – it’s an all year destination.


In winter, snowcapped mountain tops surround the lodge with your wooden framed windows providing a perfect picture frame to the outside world – great if you’re keen on nestling in with a blanket for a chilled out afternoon. If you want to venture outside, the best snow conditions come in February and March where 60 kilometres of ski slopes await you across the mountains. There’s also some perfectly groomed cross country ski trails that start right outside the lodge’s door.


In the summertime, you can enjoy perfectly green meadow views from your private balcony or your very own outdoor wooden sauna. There’s even an outdoor infinity pool. Could this be any more perfect?


There’s a three-night minimum stay at Adler, but for those views? You’d be considering a permanent stay, for sure.

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