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The 5 Most Terrifying Haunted Houses In The World

The 5 Most Terrifying Haunted Houses In The World

5 Of The Scariest Haunted Houses Around The World

Haunted houses have come a long way since the days of crappy animatronics and cheap jump scares.

Now, the scariest houses are interactive, immersive and legitimately terrifying experiences that will straight up destroy your soul. If that sounds like your kind of thing, then good news! Hell homes are now a booming industry, with nightmarish nights out available everywhere from Poland to New York.

They aren’t for the faint of heart but if you like your thrills extreme, here’s five of the world’s scariest haunted houses to seek out.


The World’s Scariest Haunted Houses

#1 Tulsa Hex House, Oklahoma, United States

This haunted house recreates a disturbing true story from the 1940s, in which a woman named Carolann Smith manipulated two young women into living in her basement, handing over their all their money, and doing her bidding — all under the guise of Smith’s “new religion”.

Tulsa Hex House plunges you into an alternate reality set in Smith’s corrupted house. You’ll make your way through flickering haunted hallways and eerie ghostly rooms, explore gruesome sets and interact with actors who’ll reach out and touch you in a creepy experience that descends into a full-on nightmare.


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#2 Lost Souls Alley, Kraków, Poland

Like a terrifying mix between a haunted house and an escape room, Lost Souls Alley dumps you in a house filled with some of your deepest, darkest fears. You’ll have to overcome them (or at least escape them) if you want to make it out.

There are four different experiences to choose from depending on what kind of thrill you’re after, each with varying ratings for pain, fear and fun. The Pink Version is the least intense and most fun, while the Red Version is 100 percent pain, fear, and exactly zero fun.

If you’re brave enough to pick the Red Version, the website warns that the actors will “attempt to ‘break’ the participant”.


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#3 I Can’t See, New York, United States

I Can't See immersive horror theatre experience in New York
Image: Nightmare: New York / Facebook

Instead of frightening you with monsters and men, I Can’t See attempts to horrify your mind.

As the name suggests, you’ll be plunged into total darkness during this “immersive horror theatre experience”. Armed with only an audio headset, you’ll have to navigate the darkness and try not to let your mind run away from you.

“We’ve experimented with horror and audience immersion for 20 years now,” said I Can’t See creator Timothy Haskell. “In all this time, the one constant is that the most terrifying thing is your own imagination. The anticipation of fear is the scariest part of all.”

#4 Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear – Fujiyoshida, Japan

The Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear is widely regarded as one of the scariest haunted houses in the world.

Inside an abandoned hospital, you’ll have free roam of almost 1km of creepy hallways, gruesome operating rooms and haunted wards.

You’ll have to navigate sinister mazes and trap rooms while being chased, scared and spooked by actors. The haunted house is based on a horrifying story about a real hospital where the doctors started harvesting organs from their patients.

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Your organs are safe here, but that doesn’t mean you won’t still be scared stiff.


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#5 DementedFX, Massachusetts, United States

Some of the scariest haunted houses may be based on real stories or inspired by myth, but none are as obsessed with horror stories as DementedFX.

By taking part, you become the hero of your own horror movie in an experience complete with Hollywood-quality sets, props, sound design and interactive video elements.


There are two games to choose from: Bio Med Corp is a story-driven haunted house set in a medical laboratory that just unleashed the apocalypse. It’s your job to break into the lab and rescue the only scientist who can cure humanity.

Or if you’d rather face off against some horrifically realistic-looking zombies, you can go on a sensory adventure into the apocalyptic wasteland in Meat Tank.


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