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The 9 Most Haunted Places In Australia You Can Actually Visit

The 9 Most Haunted Places In Australia You Can Actually Visit

I am a giant scaredy-cat. I 100% believe in ghosts, to the point where that’s my first explanation for everything (yes, I know I have a problem). I’m not the only one either, there’s something eerily fascinating about ‘real life’ ghost stories and the legends behind them.

Personally, my interest ends with the stories because I like to be able to sleep at night, but I know so many people who live for the scary movies, paranormal investigation shows and even going on their own haunted tours.

For you magnificent weirdos, here are the most haunted places in Australia, because who am I to stop you?

1. Monte Cristo Homestead, NSW

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This is probably one of the most famous haunted houses in Australia, and they really embrace it by offering tours and even sleepovers, which you can book here.

Allegedly, the original owners of this house, Mr. and Mrs. Crawley, were not very nice people. They’re now believed to haunt the hallways, along with a bunch of the staff they horrifically mistreated, possibly even murdered.

2. Port Arthur, TAS

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If housing some of the worst convicts in the 1830s (you know, the ones who committed actual crimes once they were already in Australia) wasn’t enough to make a place haunted, it was also the site of Australia’s worst mass shooting incident in 1996.

These days several ghost reportedly still roam, slamming doors and making footstep noises when there’s nobody actually there. You can join a tour here.

3. Martindale Hall, SA

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Yes, this is where they filmed all the creepy indoor shots of Picnic at Hanging Rock. Right now it’s a living museum, offering overnight stays, private functions, dinners, tours and group murder-mystery nights. You can book here.

Of course, before you do, you should know that many people who stay report waking up to find ghost kids in and around their beds, plus a ghost man wearing period clothing apparently likes to hang out on the back stairs.

4. Picton, NSW

Dubbed Australia’s MOST haunted town, there aren’t many places you can go in Picton that haven’t had a bunch of ghost sightings.

Like the faceless ghost in the Mushroom Tunnel, the grumpy matron haunting the old maternity hospital, three ghosts hanging around Wollondilly Shire Hall, a jukebox that plays itself whether its plugged in or not at the Imperial Hotel and the ghosts who have been heard taking a swim around Stonequarry Creek.

5. Fremantle Prison, WA

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If the haunted house wasn’t an old hospital, it was a prison — am I right? Now known as the Roundhouse, the building was a prison for colonial, military and Indigenous prisoners in the 1800s.

It was the sight of many floggings, chains, isolation punishments and hangings, so it’s not surprising that some of the prisoners still reportedly hang around. Many visitors have reported eerie feels and orbs popping up in photos, particularly in the church.

6. Devil’s Pool, QLD

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Also known as the Babinda Boulders, this natural swimming hole and sacred Indigenous site in tropical North Queensland is actually super beautiful.

What isn’t so great, is the ghost of a runaway bride who lept to her death here when she wasn’t allowed to marry her true love. Apparently she’s lured 17 men to a watery grave over the past 50 years.

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7. Kapunda, SA

If anywhere is in the running to take over the title of most haunted town, it’s here. Most of the ghostly tales centre around the cemetery (of course) and the Kapunda Hotel.

The cemetery is right next to the ruins of a girls orphanage that operated from 1897 until 1909 and has some truly grizzly stories. Reportedly, a bunch of students saw the ghost of one girl walk right out of her grave.

8. Old Melbourne Gaol, VIC

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Having been here myself during broad daylight, I 100% agree that this place is haunted as heck. More than 100 hangings took place here, the most famous being Ned Kelly. Ghosts apparently remain, with cell 17 being considered THE most haunted spot.

Nowadays you can wander through yourself or take a tour, including a nighttime ghost tour option. You can book here.

9. Q Station, NSW

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It’s pretty safe to say anywhere that had to do with sick people is probably haunted now, in my professional opinion as a person terrified of ghosts. This Manly Quarantine Station is no exception. Built in the 1830s, rumour has it over 50 of the 600 people who died here stayed around as ghosts, with visitors commonly claiming they were pushed by unexplained forces.

It’s also quite a beautiful spot though, so the ghosts haven’t stopped people from taking all kinds of tours, staying the night and even getting married in the area. You can check it out here.

(Lead Image: Alastair Bett / Tourism Tasmania)

This post was originally published on July 3rd, 2020. 

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