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San Francisco Has Revolutionised Inner City Transport, Because Of Course

San Francisco Has Revolutionised Inner City Transport, Because Of Course

San Fransisco is a city of many talents – they’ve perfected the sandwich, they have ample record stores, and they even boast a bar that doubles as a laundromat – and now, something that’ll please any nine-to-fiver, they’ve made the daily work commute as easy as pie.


Most morning commutes include one (if not all) of these things: bumper-to-bumper traffic, cramped buses, delayed trains and unfriendly commuters. These unpleasantries are no way to start your work day, so some geniuses in San Fran have decided to tackle daily commutes head on. Say hello to RideLeap.

Instead of having to worry about late public transport or battling traffic and parking, San Franciscans can now hop on a specialised bus service that’ll ease all the stresses of getting to and from work. The ride is a specialised express service that aims to keep stopping to a minimum and keep you moving to where you need to go. The current route runs from Lombard Street across town towards Downtown, but the team is planning on expanding towards the greater Bay Area.



RideLeap isn’t like your regular bus ride either – for one, their buses are fuelled by clean natural gas, so you’ll feel particularly smug hopping on one of these bad boys instead of abusing yet another gas-guzzling car.

Secondly, there’s no invasion of personal space here – each bus has been stripped down to include simple interiors that leave plenty of room for you and your bags to occupy naturally. There’s complimentary Wi-Fi and USB outlets if you need to get a little extra work done on the way into the office, and there’s even a bunch of delicious food options to buy if you’re feeling a little bit peckish on the ride. Anything from iced coffee to yoghurt to cold-pressed juices are on board to save you time when you’re in a rush.

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The best part? It’s great for visitors too – anyone can ride, all you need is an iPhone or Android phone to board. Buses run from 6.30-10am, and again from 4.30-7.30pm – perfect if you’ve been stuck with that extra early tour of Alcatraz. Leap buses arrive every 10-15 minutes too, so no stress if you sleep in either.

We’re just hoping they have the smart wits to bring this excellent idea here to Oz.

Check it out for yourself – fly with Qantas to San Francisco today.

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