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An Ode To The Surprising Joys Of The Long-Ass Morning Commute

An Ode To The Surprising Joys Of The Long-Ass Morning Commute

Sydney Public Transport: An Ode To Morning Commutes

The worst part of my day is the five minutes in between dragging myself out of bed and taking my first sip of coffee. The best part of my day comes soon after: it’s getting on Sydney public transport for my morning commute.

Maybe it’s not actually the best part of my day, but the simple bliss of sitting on a bus and having someone else take me to work – while I read, listen to music and podcasts or stare out the window aimlessly – is a welcome reprieve when I’m still mad about being awake.

In fact, the longer the commute, the better! I’ve never been more up-to-date on news and Netflix than when I had an hour-plus train ride every morning and afternoon.

You’re doing amazing, sweetie

Your commute is time you don’t have to share with anyone (unless you carpool, or ride with friends, or sit next to a stranger who tries to talk to you — sir, please).

It’s a blessed moment before you have to start answering emails. It’s 45 minutes to look at memes and pictures of dogs, before you have to actually start thinking for the day. Your morning commute is like a daily mini-holiday.

Just like getting to the airport early, there are no expectations to be anything in particular when you’re on public transport. You can be a garbage human, as long as you’re not the one taking up two seats or blasting your shitty music without headphones.

Every rose has its thorn (every bus has its boomer)

Admittedly, Sydney public transport can be a disgusting microcosm of sniffling passengers and people who crowd around the doors at every stop.

Some mornings you’ll beg for a swift end so you can get to work, where you have a whole desk to yourself and no one’s clipping their nails in the seat next to you.

Sometimes it goes full circle, and the annoying passengers become your morning entertainment.

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Once, a woman on my bus spent her entire 20-minute ride yelling into the phone at her garbage ex. Hearing her school this boy on sexism and how to wash the dishes cured my hangover, did my taxes and cleared my skin.

Most of the time, everyone follows certain unspoken rules that maintain order. We are all citizens of the bus, and our shared land is sacred.

On your morning commute, the only thing you’re responsible for is sitting and enjoying one of your hobbies. It’s a chance to relax, covertly check out hot passengers and freak yourself out with Don’t F**k With Cats before the minutiae of everyday life catches up with you at 9am.

It’s time. In 2020, embrace your morning commute.

(Lead image: Broad City / Comedy Central)

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