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Bring A Touch Of Your Morning Commute Home With These Melbourne Tram Socks

Bring A Touch Of Your Morning Commute Home With These Melbourne Tram Socks

Every now and then, strange marketing things happen that you initially scoff at and scroll passed. But then, they won’t leave your brain. Slowly, their pure genius reveals itself to you until you find yourself googling and (sometimes even) purchasing that very thing.

This is exactly how I feel about new ‘Tram Socks’ that perfectly match the hard-to-miss seat fabric of the Yarra Trams.

My initial question was why would you want to blend in with public transport? The more I look at it, however, my question has changed to: why wouldn’t you?

Imagine all the putting of your foot on the seat you could suddenly get away with — I mean, still don’t because that’s gross and other people need to sit there, but the point is that you COULD.

Holiday Sale

#Tramsocks are available now for $15:

Posted by Dyl & Oscar on Thursday, November 24, 2016


I’m also starting to dig the neon green, even though it started off so putrid to me. What can I say, I’m converted.

Who put this all together? The same people who invented a “tabletop party game of accidental fare evasion and undercover inspectors, based on Melbourne’s public transport network” called Touched On. No, I hadn’t heard of it either, but now that I have I sort of really want it too.

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You can buy the socks for $17, along with the card game and a range of other tram-related merchandise that you never knew you needed from the Touched On website.

Seeing as Melbourne metro has gone back into lockdown, maybe it’ll even help bring a little bit of the outside world and normal morning commutes into the safety of your own home?

If not, you can always get around a few drinking games or revive your baking habit with this really, ridiculously good-looking Caramilk Banana Cake recipe.

(Lead Image: Facebook / Dyl & Oscar)

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