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This Camping-Flavoured Ice Cream Celebrates The Great Outdoors

This Camping-Flavoured Ice Cream Celebrates The Great Outdoors

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Did you know that National Camping Month is a thing during June in the USA? And to make it extra special this year, Salt & Straw is rolling out a bunch of camping-inspired ice cream flavours to celebrate the great outdoors.


Salt & Straw’s June camping series offers up “nostalgic-station-wagon-camping-meets-thoughtful-foraged-ingredients” in ice cream form and punters can expect the wildest flavour combos. The series re-imagines summer classics and is designed to inspire us to get out there and explore nature. Count us in!

The best part? The Portland-based mini-chain is doing its bit for the environment too and using the series of flavours to support the National Park Service while they keep us drooling along the way.

A serious ice cream fiend? Here’s what you can expect:

Campfire s’mores


There’s nothing more quintessential that campfire s’mores amirite? Think extra chocolatey ice cream complete with Lapsang-tea- and Scotch-spiked marshmallow fluff. S’more please!

Buttermilk pancakes, bacon and eggs


“The breakfast of camp-ions”, runs the slogan! The bacon comes in the form of maple pralined bacon bites and the eggs are rich, sunny-side up and doused in caramel. Just glorious.

Mushroom muddy buddies


They’ve got several different names: muddy buddies, puppy chow, or monkey munch. Whatever you call them, the classic peanut-butter and chocolate-covered Chex (cereal for the uninitiated) have been reimagined by Salt & Straw to celebrate National Camping Month.


A classic recipe has been used, with a hazelnut twist. Add to this a candied trio of porcini, candy cap and shiitake mushrooms in honey, butter and sherry and you’ve got yourself a camping party. Get on this!

Berries, beans and BBQ sauce

Image: Berries, beans and BBQ sauce pictured on the far left.

Hardcore campers will be no strangers to the sight of a can of beens floating above the campfire, which is exactly what Salt & Straw used to inspire its berries, beans and BBQ sauce flavour. White beans have been used to create a warm and molasses-y baked bean ganache with strawberries used as the hero ingredient to create that tangy BBQ sauce taste.

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Spruce tips and huckleberry crisp


Brining it home in the Salt & Straw June camping series is this beauty. Designed to recall Oregon in summer, the spruce tips and huckleberry crisp flavour evokes the smell of pines in summer captured by spruce tea ice cream layered with huckleberry jam and golden-brown hazelnut and oat crumb.

Salt & Straw’s June camping series is available in scoop stores from San Diego to Seattle until June 27, 2019. Can’t make it all the way to the West Coast to get in on the camping and ice cream action? Be sure to check out five of Australia’s best cold-weather camping spots, the top camping spots for stargazing and the best camping spots on Queensland’s coast.

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(All images: Salt & Straw)

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