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You Can Now Ride A Massive Roller-Coaster – On A Cruise Ship

You Can Now Ride A Massive Roller-Coaster – On A Cruise Ship

Riding a rollercoaster is a particular kind of endurance test, attracting a particular breed of human being.

After all, flying at massive speeds around bends and loops is the easiest way to replicate the thrilling rush of a near-death experience, and feeling your heart go thudding into your throat as your hurtle towards the ground has a sick attraction all of its own.

It’s not for everyone, is what I’m saying.

But if you do so happen to be one of those adrenaline junkies for whom regular rollercoasters have lost their attraction, then boy do we have news for you.


Carnival Cruises, one of the most popular cruise lines in the United States, is set to launch a brand new rollercoaster to be installed onto the back of one of their ships.

That’s right: if you’ve ever wanted to go full “Pineapple-pen” and combine two excellent things, then this may be the holiday for you.

The attraction is known as the Bolt Ultimate Sea Coaster, and stretches a massive 240 metres long.

To put that into perspective, most of the rides at Australia’s own Wet’n’Wild span about 84 metres. That means Bolt is over three times the size of the average attraction.

Though it has no loops (thank goodness), the Bolt does boast breakneck turns, drops, and sudden twists.

But don’t be turned away if you’re a casual rather than hardcore rollercoaster fan. The Bolt’s carts are controlled by the rider, meaning that you can go as fast or as slow as you want.

So, although the ride can reach maximum speeds of 65 kilometres per hour, those looking for a more leisurely trip over the cool, inviting ocean can lounge to their heart’s content.

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The Bolt Rollercoaster is a thrill ride attached to the back of a goshdarn boat

Image: Carnival Cruises

Don’t get too excited, though: the rolleroaster isn’t set to debut till 2022, so you have quite a while to wait.

But why not check out Europe’s biggest rollercoaster in the interim?

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(Lead Image: Carnival Cruises)

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