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This Calendar Shows You All The Best Festivals Going On Around The World

This Calendar Shows You All The Best Festivals Going On Around The World

Get your life in order with this excellent calendar

Listen, we all know that time is a human construct, and the “new year” is really just an arbitrary marker decided upon hundreds of years ago by a bunch of Gregorian monks trying to keep the Pope happy.

But hey, it’s never sensible to turn one’s nose up at a chance for self-improvement, and the whole “new year, new me” thing provides an excellent opportunity to realign your core values, and make sure you’re living your life exactly the way you want to.

And what better tool for helping you along that path than a brand spanking new calendar?


That’s where the fine folks at Ampersand Travel come in. They’ve compiled a beautiful, lavishly illustrated calendar that details every major international cultural event. That means you’ll be kept utterly abreast of the major festivals all year around (and that you’ll probably get your fair share of FOMO.)

This beautiful calendar keeps you up to date on festivals around the world

Events listed range from the world-famous Sundance film festival, established by Robert Redford as the launching pad for a whole bunch of indie projects, to Colombia’s sweaty, utterly joyful International Salsa congress.

The calendar’s images are hand-drawn, colourful depictions of some of the major events; September’s image, for example, is a stunning drawing of Ganesha, the Indian deity whose birth is celebrated ever year, while November’s image is a grinning, flower-laden skull, the iconic symbol for Mexico’s Day Of The Dead celebrations.

The September page of the Calendar details a bunch of major international events

Needless to say, the calendar is a must-own for any keen traveller.

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Not only does it provide a great way to keep abreast of all of the most pressing trips you have to make, it’s also potentially a great way to keep on top of your finances; you can mark down how much money you need to save (and by when!)


The calendar is available from the Ampersand Travel website here, and best of all, it’s totally free to download.

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(All images: Ampersand Travel)

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