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PSA: You Can Now Experience Disneyland’s Best Rides At Home With These Virtual Rollercoasters

PSA: You Can Now Experience Disneyland’s Best Rides At Home With These Virtual Rollercoasters

Disneyland Has Released Virtual Rollercoaster Rides And They're Amazing

Here’s a friendly PSA to anyone who’s in desperate need of some action-packed iso thrills: Disneyland and Walt Disney World have released virtual rollercoasters rides that bring the theme park’s best attractions into the comfort of our own homes.

Yep, now you don’t have to travel halfway across the globe to ride some of the best rollercoasters ever created. Just settle in and watch the official POV videos of rides like Big Thunder Mountain and The Incredicoaster.

If you’ve ever spent any amount of time researching Disney rides, you’ll know that this kind of POV video isn’t a new thing. There are literally hundreds of videos showing off the rides, uploaded by eager fans who dared to hold phones or cameras as they raced along the tracks.

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The difference is that these new videos are official, and the production quality is through the roof. Now we can finally get a good sense of what it’s like to ride these rollercoasters — and what it’s like is “amazing”.

So far Disney has released three POV videos, with plans to add more soon. Check them out below:

Big Thunder Mountain is a long-time Disneyland fave that takes you deep into an abandoned mine shaft, through sweeping canyons and the mysterious town of Tumbleweed.


Team up with Mr and Mrs Incredible, Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack, and Edna on the Incredicoaster, the fastest ride at Disneyland Resort.


Or explore Andy’s backyard in the Toy Story ride Slinky Dog Dash.


The videos will also teach you some neat trivia about each of the rides, which fans will love. But let’s be real: you’re here for the rollercoaster vibes.

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(Lead image: Disney / supplied)

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