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You Can Rent An Entire Island Off The Coast Of Tasmania

You Can Rent An Entire Island Off The Coast Of Tasmania

Remember last year when we were rightly excited about that private island you could rent in Victoria? Well we’re back for round two. It’s Private Island Part Deux: The Tasmanian Edition.


Live like royalty for the weekend by booking a stay at Satellite Island, a perfect little piece of land located in the heart of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, just south of Tassie. The island is home to some of the most magnificent landscapes we’ve ever laid eyes on. Just look at it.


And the property’s not half bad either. There’s a modern feel with huge floor to ceiling windows that really let the outside in. Add to that an impressive kitchen, heaps of comfy couches and rad bedrooms and you’ve got yourself an island dream home.

The 30-hectare atoll is surrounded by clear-blue water that laps at the ancient rock shelfs at the shore. The whole area is unspoilt and it’s perfect for a mid-week getaway or even an elongated winter escape.


Catching wild shellfish will become a part of your daily routine on the island. You’ll probably even get to know the two white breasted sea eagles that spend their days circle the property’s huge bordering blue gum trees.


To get there, guests need to take Satellite Island’s own private jetty from Middleton, a short 40 minute drive down from Hobart. Be sure to pass by Bruny Island on your way to your private island escape – that’s where you can stock up on tasty cheese and delicious wines for the week ahead.

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So an exclusive island just for you and some mates? How do you sign up? Check out Satellite Island’s booking page for all enquiries.

(Photos: Satellite Island)


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