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Qantas Has Teamed Up With Aussie Artists To Bring You The Amenity Kit Of Your Dreams

Qantas Has Teamed Up With Aussie Artists To Bring You The Amenity Kit Of Your Dreams

C’mon, admit it: you keep your airline toiletry bag for way longer than you originally intend to. We all do. You put some stuff in it over your trip, then forget to transfer it into another toiletry bag when you get home. And by the time you’re ready for another flight, said toiletry bag has become your dearest companion and is almost unrecognisable from the smudged foundation smeared inside and out.

Well, well, inflight toiletry enthusiasts, have we got some good news for you. Qantas has just released its new International Business Class amenity kits and boy are they something spesh. The initiative is called ‘Qantas Curates’ and features work spanning pop culture, photography, fine art, abstract landscape, Indigenous art and textile design.

Yes, they’re that cool. Stay with us.

Firstly, they’re curated. You’ve never had anything curated for you in your life, have you? (Kidding, kidding. We’re here to talk to you about amenity kits, not roast you!)

Qantas has teamed up with 16 Australian artists to deliver some very, very good looking amenity kits. Jacob Leary, Liam Snootle, Fred FowlerKate Banazi and a slew of others have put their sticky, paint-covered fingers all over these bad boys and the result is marvelous.

bubble gum
Jacob Leary’s ‘Bubblegum Dystopia’ design will be available to International Business Class passengers from May 1.

And we love how all this talent is homegrown. Qantas is committed to supporting Australian artists, which makes sense, because where else could you get an amenity kit designed with fairy bread on it? (Thanks Billie Justice Thomson!)

And there are plenty of others to get excited about too. For example, Craig Redman and Karl Maier’s design ‘Home’ pops with colour. Being based in New York and London (the pair collaborates across the Atlantic) the artwork is a celebration of their home from afar. “We created a colourful pattern with each section of the artwork referencing a different part of the country, whether it’s the landscape or a nod to architectural, cultural or symbolic icons of Australia.”

Craig Redman and Karl Maier are an Australian illustration duo who collaborate over the Atlantic. Their design will be launched on International Business Class flights in the coming months.

Thirdly, they’re filled with hand cream, lip balm and face moisturiser from Aurora Spa, a wrap-around eye mask that has the same artwork as the kit, Colgate toothpaste, toothbrush, earplugs and socks. And yes, of course there’ll be pyjamas. We knew you’d ask that.

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lip balm contents
All of the goodies!

The amenity kits will be available on Qantas International Business Class flights from 1 May with two designs launching every few months.


(Lead image: Billie Justice Thomson’s Fairy Bread design will be launched later in 2017. Photo: supplied)

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