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Is This The Most Terrifying Pool In The World?

Is This The Most Terrifying Pool In The World?

Market Square Tower Sky Pool, Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas has a rooftop pool that will probably scare the foggy little goggles off of you.

The Market Square Tower in Houston opened in 2017, offering of luxury apartments and a dizzyingly frightening pool. The rooftop “Sky Pool” has a glass bottom and hangs out over the edge of the 150m-tall building, meaning you can see the ground below as you’re swimming around.

Market Square Tower posted a video on Instagram that shows exactly how bone chilling a swim in the pool can be. Check it out below:

Time to pick up your heart from the bottom of your stomach now.

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Too much? We agree. And that’s just as well, because you can only enjoy it if you’re a resident of the tower. Anyone got a spare US $18,715 in rent for the penthouse?

(Lead image: Market Square Tower)

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