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We Found Out Where To Get Ice Cream Hot Cross Buns

We Found Out Where To Get Ice Cream Hot Cross Buns

Soft, spicy, hot and smothered with butter… nothing quite beats a hot cross bun on a chilly day. Except maybe one thing: an ice cream hot cross bun (just put on a scarf).

Here’s where you can grab one this Easter:

Pidapipo, Melbourne

Melbourne’s ice cream hot cross bun is a collaboration between Pidapipó gelato and Baker D Chirico. Yes, the best buns and gelato in the city have joined forces. This version throws out the cinnamon and spice for choc chips and chocolate gelato. And hey, we’re not complaining!

You can grab them at the Carlton and Windsor Pidapipo branches. If you can’t make it down to the store, they’re offering a 24 pack of buns and a tub of gelato on UberEats.

No word on hot cross bun ice cream sandwiches in the other major cities, but we’re willing to find them.

Love Crepe, Sydney

love crepe
Photo: Love Crepe/Facebook

Love Crepe‘s ice cream hot cross bun takes all that is good with a plain hot cross bun and kicks it up a notch. Traditional buns are filled with cinnamon gelato and dusted with cinnamon sugar. Yes please!

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Gelato Messina

A post shared by Gelato Messina (@gelatomessina) on

Messina’s hallowed hot cross bun gelato is back, baby. And though we can’t officially count it as an ice cream hot cross bun sandwich, it has chunks of actual hot cross buns in the gelato. So it kind of is, if you think about what it would all taste like being mashed up in your mouth.

The hot cross bun gelato is in all Messina stores as we speak. So, what are you waiting for?

(Lead image: Love Crepe/Facebook)

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