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The Best Tweets From Last Night’s Wild ‘Amazing Race Australia’

The Best Tweets From Last Night’s Wild ‘Amazing Race Australia’

Amazing Race Australia: The Funniest Tweets About Episode 9

Last night’s episode of The Amazing Race Australia was like a crash course in democracy

The final five teams touched down in MalawiAfrica and were immediately faced with a dilemma: they had to vote for which team they wanted to do the compulsory U-Turn.

Newlyweds Tim and Rod voted for the frontrunners Footy Mates Tom and Tyler, but every single other team  threw Tim and Rod under the bus.

But to everyone’s surprise, Tim and Rod blitzed through the Stack and Stitch Detours — stacking a massive pile of coal into a bag and carrying it to a vendor, and stitching shirts together using an old sewing machine — and reached the Pit Stop in third place.

And then they asked the other teams who they voted for. The reactions were awkward as hell and Twitter had a lot of feelings.

Episode 9 of The Amazing Race Australia retold in funny tweets:

The teams all regretted not U-Turning Tom and Tyler after they came first for the seventh time in the competition.

The other teams were squirming when Tim and Rod asked them who they voted for.

After the Detours, teams had to build clay bricks from scratch, and it did, uhh, not go well, except for Tom and Tyler who mostly just played around in the mud.

The Footy Mates might take out the whole competition, and honestly we’d love to see it.

Loveable underdogs Nick and Femi were finally in first place for part of this episode, until they did a very Nick and Femi thing and got ost.

Last night’s episode was the final non-elimination round of the series, and people had a lot of thoughts about combining that with a compulsory U-Turn.

But through all the drama, we couldn’t help but feel a big nostalgic for last week…

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