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All The Disney Parks You Can Visit If Adelaide’s Rumoured Park Has You Excited

All The Disney Parks You Can Visit If Adelaide’s Rumoured Park Has You Excited

South Australians are pushing to turn the now-abandoned Holden factory in Adelaide into Australia’s first Disneyland Park in a plan to boost tourism in the state.

The current empty space that once built Australian cars is actually bigger than the land in which Disney’s California park sits, so the plan isn’t as far-fetched as you might think — at least logistically.

“The industry and terrain is similar to Orange County (the original Disneyland in California) and the space is massive,” Amanda Blair, who is a fan of the idea told The Advertiser. “There are a lot of similarities between Elizabeth and Orange County. Orange County was nothing until Walt Disney and the vision he brought.”

But while there is no concrete plan to turn the state that gave us Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee, West End Beer, and FruChocs into the Magic Kingdom just yet, there are plenty of other places Australians can enjoy the Disney magic across the globe.

With six parks to choose from, all with their own unique experiences, you’d be hard pressed to find a park that doesn’t suit your ideal holiday plans — no matter where in the world you choose to go.

Shanghai Disney Resort

The newest of the Disney resorts to be built is Shanghai Disney Resort, which opened in summer 2016 and spans a land size a whopping 11 times that of the original park.

While you still get the typical magic of Disney, this park features elements of Chinese culture to give park visitors a more authentic feeling — and not like they’ve flown the whole way to China only to feel like they’re in California.

While the US parks are very ride-heavy, the Chinese park features lots of one-of-a-kind live shows to keep you entertained when your feet get sore.

The park also has its own unique features that aren’t replicated elsewhere, like the Alice in Wonderland maze that makes for an awesome Instagram shot!

Hong Kong Disneyland

Located on Hong Kong’s Lantau Island, Hong Kong Disneyland also comes with its own unique attractions to make it different from every other park.

Like Shanghai, Hong Kong’s park intertwines elements of tradition and culture in with its Disney magic.

One of the hero (mind the pun) features of Hong Kong is the Iron Man Experience ride, which cannot be ridden at any other park on the planet — which is honestly worth the trip by itself.

Or, if you’re not keen on such a thrill, you can walk through the picturesque Fairy Tale Forest, where your favourite Disney fairytales come to life.

If you can fend off the travel bug for a little while longer, the park will also open its brand new World of Frozen land in the coming months (although an exact opening date is still TBA).

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is located just 30km outside of the city centre, so you’ll be able to hop on over for a day trip after visiting everything the city itself has to offer.

If you’ve dreamed of staring at the iconic Disney castle your whole life, you simply must go to Disneyland Paris, which features the most stunning castle of all. With stained glass windows and tapestries galore, the castle itself is a work of art. Not to mention the dragon that lives beneath.

As for exclusive rids, you’ll have to go to the home of the French to live your best Ratatouille life on the 3D ratmobile dark ride, which is pretty much the closest thing you’ll get to a cartoon rat cooking you dinner.

Disney Paris also has an entire second park — Walt Disney Studios Park — that is filled with its own unique Disney and Pixar-themed attractions.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney is the company’s most popular overseas park, and for good reason. With an original Disney Park and a one-of-a-kind Disney Sea experience, it truly gives you the best of both worlds.

The main park features many similar elements to the California park, with rides like Big Thunder Mountain, Tower of Terror and Peter Pan’s Flight, as well as its own exclusive rides to make it worth the trek.

But in addition to the main park, you can also access Disney Sea — an ocean-themed Disney park that brings all of your favourite films like Finding Nemo to life.

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If you’re only going for one day, Disney Sea definitely offers a more unique experience, but if you’re flying the whole way to Japan, you’d be silly not to add an extra day to do both parks in depth.

Walt Disney World Florida

When it comes to Disney parks, Walt Disney World is truly in a league of its own. Spanning 47 square miles, the park(s) truly is the mecca of Disney. For context: it’s about the same size as the entire city of San Francisco.

The resort encompasses four parks, two water parks, and basically everything else your heart could possibly desire — including a golf course and an ESPN Wide World of Sports complex.

Disney World has its own unique attractions including the hugely popular Avatar Flight of Passage ride, as well as a bunch of water-based rides that you won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll have to truly plan your trip if you’re going to Walt Disney World because the parks require transport between them, and it’ll take you more than a day to make the most of it, but it’s worth it.

Disneyland California

And last, but certainly not least, the OG — Disneyland California. There’s a reason this park still holds its own after so many other parks have popped up around the world. Dubbed the “Happiest Place On Earth”, the original Disneyland is the blueprint.

The original Disneyland also features the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge land, which makes a trip worth it — even if you’ve been to the park before.

In addition to the main park, which features all of the classic rides, character meet and greets, and immersive theming, California also includes its own second park — California Adventure.

Disney’s California adventure includes attractions based on Pixar films, such as Cars and Toy Story as well as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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