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This Is Not A Drill: Vision Australia Need People To Pupsit Their Dogs For A Year

This Is Not A Drill: Vision Australia Need People To Pupsit Their Dogs For A Year

Give up everything else you planned for today because it’s about to get 1000 percent more adorable.

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia and Vision Australia are asking for people to look after their ridiculously cute, eight-week-old dogs for a year. See? Adorable.

These little puppers are no ordinary pets either. Sure they’re having a year abroad, but eventually, they’ll become support dogs for blind and vision-impaired people around Australia. They’re just not quite old enough yet so need a little love and support, probably with you.

Given that everyone went a little cray with their pet adoptions over lockdown, you’re all probably well-equipped. And given the last year, we could all probably do with more cuddles.

You don’t need to be a pro dog trainer, but there are SOME hoops though — as there should be to ensure these little fellas get the best care possible. For starters, at the moment they’re only looking for carers in Victoria and Queensland. Besides that, you’ll need to:

  • Have a secure yard
  • Be willing to have an inside dog
  • Regularly socialise your dog
  • Conduct basic training
  • Be available for group training
  • Commit to 12 to 15 months of caring

If money is an issue, the lucky ducks who get to take a dog home will be provided with a puppy pack including everything you need for the year, from a lead and collar to food and vet care.

If you’re still enthusiastically nodding along to all this, you can head over to the Vision Australia website to apply.

And if you ever need tips on dog-friendly places to travel for your year of duty, check out these cool accommodations, and these beaches for everyone to love.

(Lead image: Instagram / @seeingeyedogsaustralia)

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