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Plant Girl Is Sydney’s New Same-Day Delivery Service For Hard-To-Kill Plants

Plant Girl Is Sydney’s New Same-Day Delivery Service For Hard-To-Kill Plants

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It’s 2019, we have a delivery service for pretty much everything imaginable on this green earth. Food? Check. Ice cream? You bet. Puppies? Yes, on those blessed days when Uber Puppies graces us with its presence. And now Plant Girl is joining the good fight, offering Sydney a same-day delivery service for plants.

Plant Girl will send you cute little ferns, peace lilies, snake plants and even rubber plants in colourful pots. You can mix and match your plant, pot and fabric planter so you end up with something personalised and just as outrageously fun as you want it to be.


Most of the plants on offer are low maintenance (read: hard to kill) so the service is perfect for anyone looking to spruce up their desk or home, even if you’re not a hardcore plant person. But there are also options that are better suited to experienced gardeners, like the fiddle leaf fig.


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The delivery service is run by self-confessed plant lover Felicity Keep, who wanted to brighten up Sydney with fun and memorable gifts. “I noticed there weren’t many options for colour when sending plants to people, and sometimes you want to send something really bright.”

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Plant Girl is based in Marrickville and delivers within a ten kilometre radius of the suburb, which easily covers the rest of the inner west and the CBD, and even some of the eastern suburbs, North Sydney and the lower north shore.

You’ll get same-day delivery for any order placed before 11am on a week day, and free delivery for orders over $60. Depending on which plants you get, you’ll qualify for free delivery if you get two — prices start at $39. Oh, and here are those three magical words: they have Afterpay.

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