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Slice Of The Action: We’re Totally Into This 5km Pizza Fun Run

Slice Of The Action: We’re Totally Into This 5km Pizza Fun Run

Pizza Run UK

If you’re like me, you’re probably sceptical about just how much fun there is in a 5km “fun run”. But, if you’re like me, you could probably be enticed to give it a crack if there’s pizza involved.

Well, good news, fellow non-runner! The very appropriately named Pizza Run kicks off in London in May, but instead protein shakes and tiny paper cups of water, you’ll be treated to slices of delicious, cheesy pizza.

Even better, at the end, all finishers will receive a pizza-themed medal (which can totally be repurposed for your other pizza-eating achievements) and an invite to an afterparty.


“With Pizza Run UK, we wanted to send a message that getting fit and healthy doesn’t mean giving up everything that you enjoy or forever quitting your favourite treats, that it is possible to find a balance that allows for both,” event co-founder Rob told Lonely Planet.

Aside from the London run, which takes place on May 20, Pizza Run will also visit Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds and Manchester.

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It costs $35 (P20) per person to sign up for the run. Fancy dress isn’t mandatory, but is highly encouraged. You are what you eat, right?

(Lead image: Pizza Run UK / Facebook)

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