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Domino’s Pizza Will Send An Order To Dad With A Special Message On The Box For You

Domino’s Pizza Will Send An Order To Dad With A Special Message On The Box For You

I don’t think anything has taught us to appreciate a good old family BBQ more than 2020 and the social distance it’s forced us to commit to.

This Father’s Day, some of us are still in lockdown, and still more of us are separated from our families by border restrictions.

Domino’s has decided to help by letting you send Dad his own pizza, and they’ll even let you put a Father’s Day message on the box.


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“Everybody loves pizza and with Domino’s Zero Contact Delivery it’s the tastiest and safest gift you can give this Father’s Day — especially to those in lockdown who may be sick of cooking or deserve a treat,” said Domino’s Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight in a statement.

“Plus, to make the delivery even more special, the team will write Happy Father’s Day on the inside of the box.”

For those, like me, who aren’t in the know, apparently requests for messages written inside Domino’s Pizza boxes is quite a common thing — from jokes to drawing dinosaurs.

You can get your dad his message in a pizza by using the Domino’s website or app as usual, and select  ‘Gift a Delivery for Father’s Day’ once you check out. You can pre-order the pizza from today (August 31) until the big day on Sunday Sept 6.

If pizza isn’t really the thing for your dad, then now is the time to get on the pressie buying. Luckily for you, here’s a handy 2020-proof list that we created earlier with the best presents that’ll still be good in or out of lockdown.

If you happen to be in Melbourne and wishing you could still give dad the gourmet foodie treatment that you usually would, the good news is that most of your favourite bars and restaurants are still doing home delivery. Here’s a list of the best fancy booze and delish cheese boards you can send to dad.

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