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Turns Out Most Aussies Have Never Seen Our Biggest Icons, So Where The Bloody Hell Are Ya?

Turns Out Most Aussies Have Never Seen Our Biggest Icons, So Where The Bloody Hell Are Ya?

Australia has plenty of bucket list items, some of them natural like Uluru, some of them man-made like the Sydney Harbour Bridge. All of them (usually) pulling huge crowds from all around the world.

The weird thing about many travellers though — at least in my experience of being one ad talking to others — is that we always leave our home turf for last. It makes sense, it feels like it’ll always be there but we know we need to take advantage of international travel while we can (especially after 2020, am I right?). However, it does mean we’re missing out on some national treasures so special the rest of the world is literally flocking to them (again, usually).

Pure Profile, on behalf of, recently conducted a survey to see just how many of us were missing out on big-ticket Aussie tourism items. The answer is, a lot.

One in two Australians have never visited the Great Barrier Reef, Great Ocean Road or Bondi Beach. The GBR part is what particularly shocks me here, I’m terrified of sea creatures and even I have snorkelled this Natural World Wonder. There are only seven of them, anywhere — that’s incredible. Bondi though — just going to say it — meh.


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Only 80 percent of Aussies have explored Uluru and only slightly more (85 percent) have been to Kakadu. This one I’m absolutely guilty of, but trust me I’m working on it.

Then we turn to the truly stunning islands around our country. 82 percent of us have never been to Rottnest, despite all those adorable quokka selfies. Guys, it’s really like that, they really do come right up to you. Even the very famous Phillip Island and its little penguins haven’t managed to pull 70 percent of Aussie travellers.

Lord Howe Island has been gaining notoriety in the last couple of years for its untouched beauty, but still a whopping 97 percent of Aussies have never been.

90 percent have never been to Kangaroo Island (although now is the perfect time to change that and support them after both the bushfires and Covid), and 86 percent have never been to Hamilton.

Why the heck not? According to the survey, both cost and crowds were identified as the top reasons Aussies stayed away. Well, right now you’re saving money on international flights and there are no crowds.

I feel like now, the weird time in between lockdown ad actually being able to venture back out across the ocean again, is the perfect time to introduce you top the perfect Australian bucket list. Here you go. Actually, try this list too.

(Lead image: Unsplash / Danny Lau)

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