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Pantone Have Their Own Colour Coded Hotel

Pantone Have Their Own Colour Coded Hotel

You know those colour swatch guides that are fanned out for you when you’re selecting the next shade to paint your room at the hardware store? Those are a part of the “Pantone Matching System” – a global colour guide used heavily in the design, fabric and multimedia worlds, enabling designers to reliably reproduce shades of colour via unique numbers. Pantone are in the process of building a rainbow empire they called the Pantone Universe – with colourful products including coffee mugs, bicycles, sneakers, kitchenware, furniture and stationery – but no feat of design has been as grand as their creation in Belgium, because you can sleep in it.

The Hotel Pantone, located in the capital Brussels, is a vibrantly designed building, using a white foundation with bursts of room-specific swatch-faithful colour on wall hangings, blankets and furniture. The dedication to colour even extends to the toilet paper rolls. Taste the rainbow via the images below.

Is it just us or is the exterior modelled on a Twister mat?

The Swatch 347C light really offsets those drapes

Not even the toilet paper is safe…

(Photo: Capitou/Flickr)

Plenty of opportunities for good ‘gramming…


“I came along, I wrote a song for you, and all the things that you do, and it was called Swatch 106C”

The outside world can be so bland!


(Images via Pantone Hotel website)

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