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Lonely Planet’s Best Destinations For 2016 Have Been Named

Lonely Planet’s Best Destinations For 2016 Have Been Named

Travel institution Lonely Planet, known for their inimitable wisdom on all things #ontrend when it comes to travel, have just released a list of their top 10 cities to visit in 2016, and we’re drafting up your dream trip to take them all in next year.

We’re proud as punch to reveal there’s one Aussie city on the list too – and it’s probably not where you think. While Sydney recently ranked #4 on Conde Nast’s Best Cities in the World list, and was also called out for having some of the world’s most babin’ locals on their Most Attractive Locals list, it sadly didn’t make the list. Melbourne, which has in the past been named a near-perfect city and one of the world’s most liveablealso didn’t make the cut. So who did then?

(Photo: doigstar1/Flickr)

It’s Fremantle! Good old Freo beat out old favourites Manchester, Nashville and Rome to take out the seventh spot on Lonely Planet‘s list, proving once and for all that west really is best. The travel site noted the harbour town’s plethora of live-music rooms, hipster bars and boutique hotels, as well as the prominence of craft-beer breweries as the city’s main draw cards. Well done, Freo!

The number one spot was taken out by the seaside city of Kotor, in Montenegro. Kotor is known for its stunning beauty and its cosy small town vibe – it’s relatively unheard of to tourists (’til now, that is) so it’s an excellent way to soak up the Adriatic Sea without the crowded vibes of neighbouring Croatia.


(Photo: Trish Hartmann/Flickr)

The remainder of the list is filled with UK favourites Dublin and Manchester all the way to under-the-radar hotspots like Quito in Ecuador, George Town in Malaysia and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Lonely Planet hail Nashville’s ‘music city’ vibes and note Rome truly never goes out of style – check out the rest of the list below.

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Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Cities in 2016

#1 Kotor, Montenegro
#2 Quito, Ecuador
#3 Dublin, Ireland
#4 George Town, Malaysia
#5 Rotterdam, The Netherlands
#6 Mumbai, India
#7 Fremantle, Australia
#8 Manchester, England
#9 Nashville, USA
#10 Rome, Italy

(Lead image: doigstar1/Flickr)

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