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This Map Scales Countries According To How Many People Visit Them

This Map Scales Countries According To How Many People Visit Them

See this weird looking map of the world? That’s how our 2D globe would look if countries were scaled according to how many people travelled to them.

Travel agency Travel Republic made the warped map, which uses data to show how large countries would be based on the monthly average amount of online search volumes for trips there. While Australia stays pretty much the same size, parts of Asia and Europe become heavily skewed.

The map shows which less-toured countries are becoming more popular – hola Cuba – and which old faithful tourist magnets remain the same, like Greece, all wrapped up in a handy visual representation. It also gives some pretty telling insights into people’s travel plans for the coming year.


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So where are people going? Well, our new globe tells us that the top five destinations people will be travelling to in the coming year are Cuba, Greece, Mexico, Spain and Thailand. All of these countries bulge well beyond their existing borers. on the other end of the spectrum, Russia, South America and Africa all shrink, meaning they’re the perfect destinations for your next tourist-free holiday.

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