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No “Potty Mouths” Allowed At This Classroom-Themed Perth Bar

No “Potty Mouths” Allowed At This Classroom-Themed Perth Bar

Most people would be pretty happy about never setting foot inside a school classroom again, but a Perth bar lets you do just that – except there’s alcohol involved this time.


Welcome to The Classroom, a small niche bar in the northern CBD that ups the nostalgia with a perfect collection of school memorabilia, excellent cocktails and some good food to boot.

While themed bars are nothing new – Melbourne pretty much thrives off it – The Classroom has definitely sharpened its pencils and done its homework with this one. There’s lockers as bar shelves, multiplication tables hung on the walls, school yard graffiti, sporting trophies around and a canteen to grab your food from.


The food is a star pupil here – think tapas sharing plates with a heap of flavour. To order, you select your food of choice using the order forms and pencils on the table, then you’re given a buzzer which lets you know when your food will be ready (kinda like the lunch bell). When it goes off, you can head up to the ‘canteen’ to grab your meal. It’s cute, it’s kitschy and it’ll definitely give you lunch time tuck shop flashbacks – but minus those dried out sausage rolls and hot dogs.



The cocktail menu is divided into three subjects – science, history and art – each handcrafted by the teachers behind the bar. Science drinks blend scientific methodology with classic bartending to push the boundaries of after-work drinking, history drinks dip into the wide world of classic cocktails to pay homage to their bartending heritage, and The Classroom’s signature art cocktails show creative flair and technique to create artisan flavours that are out of this world.

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Important school rules are of course in play at the bar too – The Classroom’s website states that you must always play well with others, don’t be a potty mouth, treat others as you would be treated, and sharing is caring, obviously.

(All images: The Classroom)

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