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5 Films That Will Make You Want To Travel To Hong Kong

5 Films That Will Make You Want To Travel To Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the setting for a number of our favourite films, and it’s easy to see why. From futuristic skyscrapers, to fishing villages, to a beautiful centre piece harbour, Hong Kong is a visual sensation that seems like it was made to be captured on film. The city is an intriguing backdrop to any story, from big action blockbusters to romantic indie flicks, and anything in between.

We love these five movies that put Hong Kong in the frame, allowing the city to help tell their tales.

#1 Enter The Dragon

This list wouldn’t make sense without mentioning Hong Kong’s favourite son Bruce Lee and what must be his most popular film, Enter The Dragon. The 1973 film saw Lee’s martial arts skills on full display with his character entering a kung fu competition to fight his way to justice for his sister’s death. The city of Hong Kong truly shines, with reports that Lee pushed for the film to be “more than just another action film”. The opening scene sees a fight sequence in the beautiful Shaolin Monastery, which was directed by Lee himself.

#2 Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

The much maligned followup to 2001’s Lara Croft: Tomb Raider film, Cradle of Life saw Angelina Jolie reprise her role as video-game-star-turned-action-hero Lara Croft as she seeks to find the lost Pandora’s Box. The film was a huge flop, so it’s best to watch this one a little superficially and focus on the excellent filming locations like Santorini, Africa and the harbour city of Hong Kong. Probably the most insane scene of the film is when Tara and her partner Terry decide to jump off of the 415 metre high International Finance Centre Tower 2 and land onto a ship on Kowloon Bay. Apart from being pretty ridiculous, it’s a nice display of HK’s sprawling CBD.

#3 The Dark Knight

Speaking of the IFC2 Tower, old mate Batman also decides to show off his flying skills by jumping off the tower and to dramatically burst through a window of a nearby skyscraper. There’s some gratuitous shots of Hong Kong in there, and a whole lot of suspense (just like the rest of The Dark Knight). It’s classic Batman, only with a cooler location.

#4 Die Another Day

In Pierce Brosnan’s final film as James Bond, Die Another Day saw a long haired and bearded 007 escape from his tormenters in North Korea before jumping ship and crawling out from Victoria Harbour on Hong Kong’s shore. Locals may be aware that the geography of Bond’s arrival at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club is actually wrong (it’s on the opposite side of the harbour on Hong Kong Island), but the directors just couldn’t pass up a gratuitous shot of the beaming HK skyline. We don’t blame them.

#5 It’s Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong

Baring a striking resemblance to Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise, this quirky indie flick is all about finding yourself (and love) in a huge bustling city. Part love story and part valentine to Hong Kong’s expat community, It’s Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong sees two strangers meet among HK’s nightlife, strike up a conversation and wander the streets for an insightful evening in a beautiful city.

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