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New Zealand Is Getting Pizza Delivery Robots

New Zealand Is Getting Pizza Delivery Robots

Meet your new best friend DRU – Domino’s newest pizza boy.


Wait a second – a pizza boy? Where’s his beat-up Holden Commodore and shaggy unkept hair? Well DRU stands for Domino’s Robotic Unit and yes, he’s here to deliver your pizza for you.

Domino’s have just released the specs for a brand new pizza-delivery robot that’ll keep your food hot and your drinks cool, all while delivering in a 20 kilometre radius. DRU is said to be a completely autonomous delivery service which means that there’s no one controlling him – he’s delivering pizzas all on his own accord. What a time to be alive.


These delivery robots are set to have a waterproof body, four wheels and one hell of sense of direction. DRU  will travel “along the footpath at a safe speed from the store to the customer’s door,” the fast-food chain has said. DRU is “cheeky and endearing” and he’s even able to navigate himself from a starting point towards his destination, selecting the best path of travel every time. His on-board sensors “perceive obstacles along the way and avoid them if necessary”.

But possibly the biggest hurdle on DRU’s journey will be sticky-fingered pizza thieves, no? It’s a little disconcerting, I know, but Domino’s have promised a completely safe interface with cameras and possibly security alarms onboard to deter potential pizza snatchers.


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This high-tech pizza service was actually developed in Australia, but the New Zealand government are currently backing the ambitious project because well, they know what the people want. Sadly we might have to wait upwards of three years ’til these robots hit the streets.

And don’t worry, DRU won’t be replacing human pizza delivery drivers completely. The company has stated that many customers still crave that “human-to-human experience”.

The future is now.

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