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No Joke, Melbourne’s Getting A Puppy Party Next Month

No Joke, Melbourne’s Getting A Puppy Party Next Month

Melbourne really knows how to appeal to the masses. First there was that ‘Wipe Out’ style obstacle course and then Australia’s first ever Ginger Pride rally  and the next event is another A+ use of Melbourne’s plethora of outdoor arenas. Melbourne’s going to host an all-out puppy party and our bodies are ready.


Organised by some anonymous genius, the Puppy Party 2016 is going to be a day like no other. Dogs of all sizes and breeds will be descending on St. Kilda Beach on May 28, a day which will furthermore be known as the day Melbourne officially peaked.

The invite’s open to all, but be warned, the event description warns against naughty dogs: “if your [sic] puppy is nasty to other dogs please don’t come”. And don’t forget your puppy costumes either.

At the time of publication there’s about 3400 interested puppy fans, so if you’ve ever wanted to know what an overpopulated beach full of dogs would look like – now’s your chance!

More details here.

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