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Forget Paris, New York Is The World’s Most Romantic City

Forget Paris, New York Is The World’s Most Romantic City

Controversial take here, but I think the idea of Paris being “the city of love” is a complete farce. There, I said it. But before you send out the masses with their torches and pitchforks, hear me out. Sure, Paris is full of rosé and eclairs and padlocks on bridges, and I’m not saying it isn’t romantic. But the world’s most romantic city, it is not. That title has to go to New York as queen of the world’s most romantic getaways.

The Big Apple has a magic to it that no other place can replicate. And it makes the city the perfect place to fall in love, or for the ultimate couple getaways. I mean, there’s a reason every second rom-com is set there.


Don’t believe me? Indulge me a minute while I explain. Here are seven reasons New York is the world’s most romantic city:

#1 That skyline


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Let’s start with the obvious. New York’s skyline was made for wide-eyed lovers to stare out at.

Okay, maybe not literally, but you’ve got to admit it is quite the view. Make like Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle, head to the top of the Empire State building, and just try not to fall in love. You could fall for a mop up there, it’s so romantic.

Where: 20 W 34th Street, New York

#2 It has long, romantic strolls in spades


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Want to whisper sweet nothings to your better half while walking under the moonlight? Or, I don’t know, just have a normal non-sappy conversation in a beautiful setting? Well, New York is home to a long list of pretty spectacular strolls, making it among the world’s best romantic getaways.

If you want grandeur, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s an iconic site with sweeping views of the city, and once you’re done you can cuddle up on a bench in the park or take a ride on Jane’s Carousel for just US$2 (AUD$2.80).


For something a little more laid back, walk the High Line. This old abandoned railway line in Chelsea has been converted into a public park with gardens, art installations and yes, killer views. Talk about emotional fodder for romantic getaways.


Jane’s Carousel: Jane’s Carousel, Old Dock St, Brooklyn

The High Line: Runs up the west side of Manhattan from Gansevoort St to W 34th Street

#3 There’s no shortage of impressive date options

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Say what you like about New York, but there’s no denying seeing a Broadway musical or the New York City Ballet makes for memorable romantic getaways.

Not keen on live performances? Why don’t you check out 5000 years’ worth of art at The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) on Fifth Avenue? Or try your hand at ice-skating in Bryant Park  – granted you’re in the city at the right time of year, of course.


The Met: 1000 5th Ave, New York

Bryant Park rink: Sets up right next to New York Public Library at 476 5th Ave, New York (operates in winter)

#4 Central Park is something out of a fairy tale


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As cheesy as it sounds, this giant patch of green in the middle of New York City really has the power to transport you. Few places can capture your attention like this famous park.

Get your Notebook on and hire a rowboat (be sure to check out Bow Bridge if you can), visit the turtles at Turtle Pond, or sit under the cherry blossom trees in spring and just watch yourself catch all of the feels.

Where: Literally it’s huge, you can’t miss it (runs the length of Manhattan from W 110th Street to W 59th Street)

#5 There are hundreds of moody bars in the city


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If there’s one thing NYC does well (lol, it does pretty much everything well), it’s bars. Whether you’re looking to get cute and competitive over a game of Frogger (head to Barcade), or you want to cosy-up over a cocktail at a speakeasy (try Please Don’t Tell or Bathtub Gin) there’s an option for literally every kind of date. These are the venues of your dreams for cosy romantic getaways.


Barcade: 148 West 24th Street, New York

Please Don’t Tell: 113 St Marks Place, New York

Bathtub Gin: 132 9th Avenue, New York


#6 Grand Central Terminal is perfect for well, ~grand~ gestures


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You know how airports make you irrationally emotional, even if you’re not saying goodbye to anyone? Grand Central Station has the same kind of feel to it, except it’s a jaw-droppingly beautiful building in the middle of Manhattan.

If you’ve never been, it’s a bustling train station with a large ceiling that has been painted over with a celestial mural. It’s gorgeous and it’s the perfect spot for a dramatic declaration (ideally as the other person is attempting to board a train), if you’re into that kind of thing.

#7 You’re way more likely to meet someone


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When looking for a date in a city of 8.5 million people, the chances of you crossing paths with a dreamboat are much higher.

New York attracts people from all over, many of whom are chasing big dreams – a great quality, if you ask this writer – and it’s a social city, which means you’re likely to encounter a few of these interesting individuals during your time there. So if romantic getaways are what you’re after, New York City is the place to be.


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