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Kmart Is Slinging A Weighted Blanket For Just Under $50

Kmart Is Slinging A Weighted Blanket For Just Under $50

Weighted blankets have slowly been taking over our bedrooms, and the craze doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It’s no wonder, as they’re apparently very calming and the entire world needs a whole lot of calming in 2020.

They are, however, typically very expensive, generally costing upwards of $300. Which is not very calming. Even the ALDI Special Buys sale was $89.99 per blanket.

Now, however, Kmart has changed the calming weighted blanket game. They’ve brought out an Adult Weighted Blanket in charcoal for a teensy $49. Forty. Nine. Dollars. That is insanely cheap.

Image: Kmart Australia

The blanket is one and a half by two meters, and weighs seven kilograms, which is recommended for adults who weigh between 65 and 85 kilos.

Not surprisingly, that bad boy sold out super fast online and in stores. However, customer service confirmed (on Monday Septemer 7) they’d be restocking a little over 200 blankets in the next week or two — so you’d better keep a sharp eye out on the website (here) if you’re hoping for affordable weighted bliss. Incidentally, do Kmart have the kindest customer service reps? Mine was completely delightful.

While you’re on the website (or checking out your local Kmart IRL), you may as well pick up one of their pie makers and indulge in these KFC Pies to just really lean into the calm burrito vibe.

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May as well be a clam burrito in fabulous surroundings, am I right?

(Lead Image: Facebook: Sarah Winstanley / The Simpsons)

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