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A Huge New Murder Mystery Game Is Coming To The UK

A Huge New Murder Mystery Game Is Coming To The UK

murder on the 1016 murder mystery

Calling all keen detectives! An interactive murder mystery game is coming to the United Kingdom, and you can help solve the case. A gruesome crime has been committed aboard a train, and it’s up to you to find the murderer.

Murder on the 10:16 is an interactive game set aboard a steam train departing from the Severn Valley Railway outside Birmingham. Players will become characters in the game with their own backstory, goals and costumes, and either work together to solve the murder or try to sabotage the investigation to promote their own interests.


The murder mystery centres around an open plot, but the way that plot develops is up to your actions. Players will have a full day to investigate the murder and the other characters, and any one player could make the difference between solving the case, letting the murderer walk free or pinning the crime on another passenger.

At the moment only one game is planned for April 8, and tickets will be made available through a Kickstarter campaign that launches on March 1. Additional events will be added as stretch goals if the campaign is successful. Interested players can watch the website for updates, or sign up to be alerted when the campaign goes live.


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We don’t know how much tickets will be, but we can expect that and more information about the event to be announced when the Kickstarter is launched.


This isn’t the first interactive game that the organisers have put on. Their massively successful Bothwell School of Witchcraft is a four-day long immersive experience that has players stay in a castle where they attend lessons including falconry, alchemy and magical defence, and play in sporting matches to win points for their house. There are currently two experiences on sale for 2019 in April and August.

For more information about Murder on the 10:16, visit the website.

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