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This Photographer Captured Incredible Pics Of An Extremely Rare Black Panther

This Photographer Captured Incredible Pics Of An Extremely Rare Black Panther

black panther photos taken by Will Burrard-Lucas

Perhaps thanks to The Jungle Book‘s Bagheera, or the references in a recent Marvel blockbuster, the black panther is a well known, iconic animal. Yet there are extremely few of them in the wild. Now it appears a photographer has managed to capture very high-quality photography of a black panther for what may be the first time ever. See the stunning black panther photos below.


British wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas seeks out rare and elusive wildlife to photograph for a living. To capture these incredible black panther photos, Burrard-Lucas has designed his own “Camtraptions” camera trap system, made up of a motion sensor and camera – when the subject of a photo walks near enough, the motion sensor triggers the camera and a couple of flashes.

Burrard-Lucas leaves the camera trap on game paths and areas known to be frequented by wildlife for days or even weeks to get the right photo. The black panther photos were captured at Laikipia Wilderness Camp in Kenya.

You can check out Will Burrard-Lucas’ photography at his website, or on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Read more about his photography of the black panther on his original blog post.


While black panthers do hold a strong place in the public consciousness, they are truly leopards or other big cats with a condition called melanism, which turns their fur black. Black panthers live wherever their species of big cat lives, across Africa, Asia and the Americas. Photos of them are so rare because they are so few and hard to see even when spotted.

You can also see more of the Will Burrard-Lucas’ black panther story here:

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(All images: Will Burrard Lucas, taken at Laikipia Wilderness Camp in Kenya with a Camtraptions Camera Trap)

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