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Everyone Told Me My Trip To The Singapore Grand Prix Would Convert Me To Being An F1 Fan, They Were Right

Everyone Told Me My Trip To The Singapore Grand Prix Would Convert Me To Being An F1 Fan, They Were Right

After living through every single Melbourne COVID lockdown, I have recently developed a new love of doing, well, anything. So, when the opportunity to fly to Singapore for the Singapore Airlines F1 Singapore Grand Prix was presented to me, I obviously wasn’t going to say no – despite having precisely zero knowledge of Formula 1.

When I told friends (see: actual fans of F1) that I was going, I was met with two feelings: jealousy, obviously, and a promise that it would only take one IRL Grand Prix experience for me to be hooked. And it turns out, they were right. 

The entire GP weekend is an experience in itself, the city comes alive with restaurants, parties and musical acts to keep vibes high and the magic of the Night Race alive. I was lucky enough to spend the better part of a week taking in the beauty of Singapore, and enjoying both sides of the Grand Prix experience. 

The Sky Suite

We kicked off our GP experience in the ultimate luxury of the Sky Suite, which gave us the perfect vantage point of turn 1 from the comfort of an air conditioned corporate suite.

In addition to a gift bag with a free cap and umbrella (more on that later), we were treated to a luxurious experience with free champagne, cocktails and a delicious three-course meal that is probably the only thing that kept me standing with all of the free alcohol flowing. 

The Sky Suite ticket also grants you access to the rooftop terrace, which features more bars and dining options, as well as a view of both the track, and the entertainment quarter next door that hosted live music throughout the night. 

Personally, I’m not much of a believer in corporate boxes for sporting events because you lose the atmosphere of the event and – quite frankly – you might as well save yourself the money and go watch it on TV at a fancy restaurant. However, the Singapore GP is the exception to this rule. 

Why? Because it’s HOT. 

I can tolerate sitting in the grandstand at the SCG on a hot summer day, as long as I’ve got a pair of sunnies and a beer in hand, but Singapore’s heat and humidity – even in the afternoon and evening is next level. And when you’re dressed up and wearing a pair of (probably impractical) heels, the option to go inside, sit down, and cool off is a perk that is well worth the money, if you’re in a position to fork out for it. 

The Singapore Night Life

Instead of heading to the track on the Saturday night for the Qualifiers, our group opted to take in everything else that Singapore had to offer and went to the Sentosa Precinct Party. 

We shared a nice meal and a few cocktails at a local beach club before dancing the night away in the warm Singapore night – proving that you can still have fun in Singapore, even if racing isn’t really your thing. 

Unfortunately, this means we missed out on seeing the Black Eyed Peas, but I ended up being able to catch Westlife’s set from the balcony of my room at the Fairmont Hotel – which drew a much bigger crowd than I thought a boyband from the 90s were capable of pulling in the year 2022. 

After returning to the hotel and watching Westlife from my balcony, I headed down to the local McDonalds for cheeky midnight snack and was greeted by the sight of hundreds of mud-covered festivalgoers, blissfully unaware that in less than 24 hours, I would be one of them. 

The Singapore Grand Prix Race

In a cruel twist of fate after a week of glorious Singapore sun, the weather on the day of the GPSS final rivalled that of Splendour In The Grass 2022 (see: mud, lots of it, ankle deep). 

The morning was a glorious, sunny day in which we went kayaking and enjoyed a nice lunch, laughing about how lucky we were that the rain had held off and wouldn’t threaten the race we flew so far to watch. 

Oh how wrong we were. OH. HOW. WRONG. WE. WERE.

Before we even stepped outside into the then-torrential downpour, we questioned whether we should bring umbrellas – a question that was answered precisely two seconds later when a man who looked like he had just jumped into a swimming pool fully clothed walked into the hotel lobby and uttered the words “bit wet out there” in a distinctly Australian accent. 

Thankfully, we grabbed our umbrellas and ventured out into the elements, pants rolled up to our knees in a fashion I wouldn’t be caught dead in if it weren’t for the fact that the Vogue writer on our tour did it first (so basically, we were trend-setting). 

Now, I didn’t go to Splendour In The Grass this year, but I imagine everyone in attendance probably hit the same point as us: the point where you accept the fact that your feet aren’t going to feel dry for another eight hours, you look like shit and you’re shin-deep in mud and just go with it. And that’s what we did. 

We enjoyed the music, danced around in the mud and laughed harder than we had the entire trip. And before we knew it, the rain had subsided, we made it to our seats in the general admission grandstand and, miraculously, didn’t feel another drop of rain for the rest of the night. 

Ultimately, the race had to be pushed back by about an hour – and thankfully, Green Day pushed back their post-race concert to accommodate – but the vibes were so high that nobody in the crowd seemed to care. 

We finished off the night with a spectacular performance by Green Day (my favourite live band of all time) and the, frankly, horrifying sight of Australians sliding around in the mud in a way that clearly proved they hadn’t read the reports of SITG punters getting meningococcal mere months earlier. 

The All Important Question: Would I Go To The Singapore Grand Prix Again?

I knew by the time I landed back in Australia that I would be bombarded with questions from my F1-loving friends on whether I’d go again. And honestly? I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t already actively started planning how I can return to Singapore next year.

What’s more, I intently watched the Japanese GP when I got back – despite having previously not cared about F1 outside of loving Daniel Ricciardo. 

It’s worth mentioning here that I’m a big sports fan and enjoy going to any live sporting event except the cricket (sorry, Pat Cummins), so I can’t speak for people who don’t already have an interest in sport, but I cannot stress just how much I knew nothing about F1 – I hadn’t even watched Drive To Survive before I flew out. 

I guess the only thing I can liken the experience to is going to a music festival with your friends. Even if you don’t necessarily love the bands who are playing, if you’re in good spirits and good company, the GP lends itself to being a good time. 

If you can afford it, the Sky Suite is definitely one of those elite experiences that is worth the splurge, although, it’s worth noting that none of the people in our tour package felt like they missed the luxury of the suite on the Sunday night when we were covered in mud and drenched in rain. So even if the top-tier experience isn’t in your budget, you can still have a lot of fun in the grandstand.

Even in the pouring rain and sweltering heat, the Singapore GP is up there with one of my most beloved travel memories to date. 

And while I’m already planning to add Melbourne and probably Monaco to my calendar for next year, I truly think it’s the excitement and liveliness of the Night Race that makes Singapore the GP to add to your list. 

How To Experience The Singapore Grand Prix In 2023

Depending on your taste, and your budget, there are a variety of different ways to experience the Singapore Grand Prix in 2023 — and Keith Prowse Travel has you covered with three different packages to suit every lifestyle and price point.

Package 1 – Orange@Empress Grandstand Experience

Dates – 14 to 18 September 2023

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  • 4 nights accommodation at 4-star Furama Riverfront with breakfast daily


  • 3-day Orange@Empress Grandstand ticket
  • Exclusive Invitation to Keith Prowse Travel Pre-Race Function
  • On-ground customer service support

 Pricing – From $2,585 per person twin share

Package 2 – Pit Grandstand Grandstand Experience

Dates – 14 to 18 September 2023


  • 4 nights accommodation at 4-star Carlton Hotel with breakfast daily


  • 3-day Pit Grandstand ticket
  • Exclusive Invitation to Keith Prowse Travel Pre-Race Function
  • On-ground customer service support

 Pricing – From $3,995 per person twin share

Package 3 – Lounge@Turn3 Experience

Dates – 14 to 18 September 2023


  • 4 nights accommodation at 5-star Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay with breakfast daily


  • 3-day Lounge @ Turn 3 Hospitality Ticket which includes two meals plus additional snack service, free-flow fine wines, beers & soft drinks from the Loft Bar of the grandstand and inside the air-conditioned lounge.
  • Exclusive Invitation to Keith Prowse Travel Pre-Race Function
  • On-ground customer service support

 Pricing – From $8,185 per person twin share

To book your F1 Singapore Airline Singapore Grand Prix experience, phone Keith Prowse Travel on 1300 730 023 or [email protected]

Alternatively, the team at Keith Prowse Travel can organise travel packages for a variety of other sporting events worldwide to suit your needs. Click here for more information.

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