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The Emotional Stages Of Moving To A New City, As Told By Gifs From ‘The Office’

The Emotional Stages Of Moving To A New City, As Told By Gifs From ‘The Office’

Moving To A New City: The Emotional Stages As Told By 'The Office'

Moving to a new city can be exciting, or scary, or a confusing cocktail of every emotion you’ve ever felt – plus a few that are brand new.

Whether you’re moving for a job, school, love or just for fun, it’s an opportunity for a new beginning. You’ll have all these new bars to drink at, baristas to flirt with and dogs to pat, but you’ll also have to remember your new morning commute and move in with people who may turn out to be trash monsters.

Nothing sums up the emotional rollercoaster of moving to a new city like The Office.

Michael Scott has the energy of an enthusiastic golden retriever who’s just one inconvenience away from a good cry. Which pretty much describes anyone who’s ever packed up and moved their entire lives to a new city.

Here are the emotional stages of moving to a new city, as told by gifs from The Office:

#1 Living out of boxes because you’re too lazy to unpack straight away.

#2 Realising everything here costs more and you have $15 to get you to payday.

#3 Opening Tinder the the first time in your new city.

#4 Doing your grocery shopping for the first time and getting all the essentials.

#5 Moving in with someone who seemed cool but actually doesn’t wash their dishes.

#6 Getting lucky and finding an apartment with normal people.

#7 Realising you can have a dog at your new place.

#8 Trying to understand the new public transport.

#9 Shopping at Kmart for the third time in a week because you need things for your new room.

#10 Realising you have to actually leave the house to make new friends.

#11 Becoming a regular and being asked if you want “the usual” at your new local coffee shop.

#12 Pretending to understand all the local slang.

#13 Missing your favourite bar back home.

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#14 Finding a new favourite bar, with even hotter bartenders.

#15 Dealing with the crowds, especially if you moved from a small town.

#16 Going back home and running into people you thought you’d never see again.

#17 Getting through the first week at your new job.

#18 Calling your parents because you don’t know how to use your new oven.

#19 Throwing a successful housewarming party.

#20 Realising you totally feel like a local.

(Lead image: The Office)

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