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Iceland Has A ‘Buubble Hotel’ Hidden In A Secluded Forest

Iceland Has A ‘Buubble Hotel’ Hidden In A Secluded Forest

Buubble Hotel, Iceland

Iceland has a hotel that offers spectacularly uninterrupted views of its surrounds. But there’s a catch: it’s completely transparent, meaning you’re pretty, er, exposed.

Situated about 70 minutes’ drive outside of the capital of Reykjavik, The 5 Million Star Hotel — also known as The Buubble Hotel — offers nine completely clear, inflatable cabins with uninterrupted views of Iceland’s starry skies and the stunning Northern Lights.

The bubbles, or cabins, have been hidden in “secret” locations in a secluded forest. Each has a name, like Valdis, Una, Asta, Thorunn and Maria.

In winter, guests are able to see the Northern Lights and snowy surrounds, while a summer stay offers views of the beautiful green forest, with all its butterflies, birds and other wildlife.

The Buubble Hotel is remarkably high-tech, given how simple they look; the bubbles are inflated using a ventilation system that freshens the air while preventing humidity. They’re fully equipped for summer and winter temperatures, including aluminium frames and state-of-the-art heating.

Each of the bubbles is secluded enough that there’s very little chance of glimpsing your fellow travellers. Though small, they each fit two adults (some also have space for a child), along with a bed, nightstand, charging outlets and a lamp. There’s no internet or television, meaning you’re going properly off-the-grid.

In fact, it’s so secretive that the exact location is only revealed once you’ve confirmed and paid for your stay. Coming in at around $765 (ISK59,900) per night, it’s not exactly cheap, but it sure is worth it, given how unique and beautiful an experience this is.

(Lead image: Buubble)

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