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Now You Can Avoid People Completely And Grab Your Milk Through Macca’s Drive Thru

Now You Can Avoid People Completely And Grab Your Milk Through Macca’s Drive Thru

Feeling nervous about your weekly grocery shop? Honestly, no-one could blame you which is why many cafes and bars are switching to home delivery — but what of your essential needs?

From tonight, you can now pick up your milk when you drive through McDonald’s for your isolation Big Mac (much like a regular Big Mac, except now it also brings you an escape from monotony).

“As part of our commitment to continue to support local communities during these uncertain times, Macca’s will now offer customers another way to access milk and bread, through its contactless drive-thrus and takeaway service, across the country,” a McDonald’s spokesperson said.

Those Drive Thru Essentials include “two or three-litre bottles of full cream or skim milk, as well as packs of English muffins and gourmet bread rolls”.

No confirmation yet whether they’ll be Macca’s branded, but let’s hope so. Someone with a car please go and report back.

“Our contactless service removes any need for touch contact between our employees and customers, making it a safe way for people to get food and drinks, as well as these essential basics,” continued the spokesperson.

If, like me, you’re constantly underestimating how much milk you use in a week now you’re home ALL the time, this could just be your godsend.

For those of us without a car, Maccas is also waving their delivery fees if you order of $15 worth of food on UberEats or Doordash.

Although it seems like the Drive Thru Essentials menu isn’t included on the delivery list. Still though, that’s $15 worth of McMuffins to order late night when you’ve had too many home delivered cocktails.

(Lead Image: Unsplash / Thabang Mokoena)

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